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Friday, April 29, 2011

Let's go GREEEEN

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So a few weeks back, I was flippin' through some magazines at home & came across some ads & stars that had amazing makeup on. I tore the pages out & decided that I wanted to re-create the looks with my own twist on it. I am so gonna do a magazine series with all the looks I collected from the magazine LOL.

I love her makeup. Just the simplicity & boldness of it and OMG, those lashes! So tonight, I decided to re-create the look with my own flare. In the picture, her eyes are bold & she's rockin' a peachy lip & her cheeks were real natural. It looks like she's using black eyeliner on her waterline but that's actually her lashes.

I decided to add black liner on the waterline because I look dead without it haha. I did a peachy lip as well but used a powder over the gloss to make it a little matte. And instead of using green eyeshadow like she did, I used aqua instead.

-Rimmel Fix & Perfect Primer
-Revlon Colorstay Foundation
-Wnw Goddess Bronzer (Contour)
-MAC Hipness Blush
-MAC MSF Goldspill
-MAC MSFN in Dark

-MAC Ricepaper e/s
-MAC Aquadisiac e/s
-MAC Crystal Avalanche e/s
-WnW Cool Green e/l
-Nyx Jumbo Pencil in Milk
-Elf Liquid e/l
-MAC Carbon e/s
-Maybelline Lash Stilleto & Maybelline Pulse Perfection Mascaras (Both in Black & Waterproof)
Bes' Kine False Lashes Y-1

-Geo Honey Wing
Get them here

-MAC Cherish l/s
-Coastal Scents Near Peach l/g
-Maybelline Dream Matte Powder (to make lips matte)

And that's about it. I hope you guys like it :) A review on the eyelashes I'm wearing in the pics will be posted soon so be on the look out for that.

In the meantime, I'll leave you guys with this picture. I wish my niece Alyssah was inlcuded in the picture but she wasn't at the party tonight :( Hopefully she'll be at my Mom's house tomorrow & we can all take pics.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

How I maintain healthy hair

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If there is one thing that I get complimented on a lot, that would be my hair. Not my hairstyle but the softness & healthiness of it.

Back in highschool, I had the most damaged hair EVER! I used to straighten my hair everyday & I didn't use a heat protectant. I didn't know better back then haha. My hair got so damaged & dry. I had so much split ends & the bottom of my hair was practically dead. On top of that, I used to color my hair all the time!! My poor hair suffered so much :( I had really long hair & I didn't want to cut it but I had no choice. The minute I cut my hair, I decided that I was going to take care of my hair and I'm glad that I did :)

It took me a while to revive my hair back to health. I stopped straightening my hair & just colored my hair one solid color which was Black. That's my original hair color. After a few months, the results were spectacular! So here's a few tips on how I continue to keep my hair healthy. This is not intended for everybody. It's what works best for me :)

1. I don't shampoo my hair everyday. That might sound disgusting but the oils that our scalp produces is actually healthy for the hair :) Now that I workout everyday, I'll wash my hair with warm water but I won't use shampoo or conditioner unless it's been a day or two. Depends on how oily my hair gets, I'll usually shampoo it every other day or every two days.

2. I don't use hot tools on an everyday basis. I always let my hair air dry. I don't curl or straighten my hair unless I have a special occasion to go to like a party or dinner. If I do use hot tools, I use a heat protectant. YES, I've learned! LOL. I like to use Nexxus, Paul Brown & John Freida products. They work best for my hair. I've tried using higher end products but they tend to make my scalp really oily.

3. I have a sensitive scalp so I'm only allowed to use drugstore shampoo's. I can't even use most drugstore shampoos because my scalp will itch like crazy! My scalp/hair has a love affair with Pantene Pro-v & Suave :)

4. I don't color my hair. It's been over 5 years since the last time I've colored my hair.

5. ARGAN OIL!!! NUFF SAID. If you don't own this stuff, get some NOW! Your hair will never be the same, I promise :)

6. I trim my hair every so often. Damage usually occurs on the bottom of your hair & if you don't get rid of the damage hair, it'll prevent growth. I'm sure everyone knows this by now :)

That is it. It seems like a lot of work but really, it's not. I guess I'm used to it. I'm proud to say that I have NO split ends :) Split end free for the past 6 years or so. And my hair grows tremendously fast! What are your tips on keeping your hair healthy? Do share :)

Most frequently used hair products:
Paul Brown Shine Amplifier (shine gloss spray) $15.90
Paul Brown Treat Elite (instant detangler, light conditioner & finishing rinse all in one) $9.60
Nexxus Heat Protexx (heat protectant)
John Frieda Dream Curls (for curling hair)
John Frieda Straight Answer (for straightening hair)

John Frieda & Nexxus products can be found at drugstores & range anywhere between $6-$10. As for the Paul Brown products, I'm not sure where they carry it but I got mine at a Paul Brown salon here in Hawaii.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Haul: Sinful Colors & WnW

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After my interview today, I wanted to go to Walgreens while we waited for Landon to finish school. I was supposed to go there just to buy some shampoo & conditioner but I ended up buying other stuff as well. Not that I should be surprised because that always happens anyway. Haha.

Sinful Colors were on sale for $0.99!!! The rack was half empty though :( Boo! But I managed to pick up 3 polishes. The colors are fuckin gorgeous!! The pictures seriously don't do them justice. If any of you like matte polishes, Savage is beautiful! You can put a top coat over it for a glossy finish if you wish. I'm going back tomorrow to see if they have more colors in stock. I definitely need to take advantage of that $0.99 cents sale.

Of course I saw more WnW liners that weren't there the last time I went. I picked these fun, bright colors to use as bases since they're so creamy & blend so easily. They were still on sale for $0.69 each. The sharpener & lash glue were necessities. Be on the look out for more looks now that I finally got some lash glue LOL.

Btw, see how messy the background is in the pics? LOL. That's what makes it my blog. I can do whateva I like ;) In the pics below, I applied only 1 coat of nail polish & NO base coat. I'm surprised at how opaque they were.

Sinful Colors Nail Polishes (L-R)
#961 Fig, #321 Forget Now & #950 Savage.

WnW Liners (top to bottom)
Shimmer Eye Pencil in Silver
Shimmer Eye Pencil in Copper
Color Icon 661C Amethyst
Color Icon 653E Cool Green
Color Icon 664B Sky Blue

Monday, April 25, 2011

Review: Sinful Colors Nail Polish

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I discovered these nail polishes a few months back & I've been in love ever since. I love Walgreens so I'm there every chance that I get. As I was browsing through the makeup department, I spotted a shelf with these polishes on display. They're pretty hidden. The display is under a counter "/ I don't know how I saw it with my terrible eye sight but it immediately caught my attention because they looked like CHINA GLAZE!!! At that time, they were also on sale for $1.29! What a steal. The original prices are good enough. They run about $1.99 for one nail polish. Not bad huh? So I picked up a few to give it a try.

The packaging is awesome! It looks almost identical to China Glaze polishes. From the bottle to the labels, it has China Glaze written all over it.

I wish these nail polishes were just as opaque as China Glaze. They're not as opaque as I want them to be but for the price, it's pretty good quality. I usually apply 2-3 coats of polish to get it's true color. The consistancy of the polishes are on the thinner, more liquidy side.

I recommend a base & top coat for these polishes to increase it's wear. I usually get a week to a week & a half of wear before I spot any type of chipping. So far the only place I've seen that carries Sinful Colors polishes are at my local Walgreens so stop by your Walgreens & pick some up :)

I tried to do nail polish swatches but the lighting in my room is horrible. You can definitely tell in the photos. And please excuse the mess on my dresser hahahaha.

Was the product worth the money?
You know this!

Would I re-purchase?
Most def!

Where to purchase?

Photo's (L-R)

First picture:
#113 Dream On, #395 Folly, #836 Serena & Chloe, & #854 Boogie Nights

Second Picture:
#264 Vacation Time, #947 Mint Apple, #853 Cloud Nine, #925 Let's Meet & #319 What's Your Name

Third Picture:
#835 Dancing Nails, #925 I Love You, #833 Show Me The Way, #941 Almighty & #927 Nail Junkie

Vacation Time, Dream On & Mint Apple are my faves. I always go back to them over & over again. If you own some polishes from this brand, what are you faves?

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Meet Pat (anniversary edition)

Today is a very special day. Today marks our 8th year ANNIVERSARY! I swear, I never thought we'd come this far. If you knew Pat & I personally, you'd know the hardships we went through to get where we are now. Everything was a rollercoaster!! I'm so glad we were able to look past all that & work on strengthening our relationship. After all the arguments, lies, tears & the bullshit, we came out on top & stronger than ever. If you want something in a relationship, regardless of what anyone says, keep fighting for it. You'll be glad that you did. I can't wait to marry this guy so hurry up with that ring Baby ;) Hahaha.

In this post, you'll get a little idea of who he is & a bit of our relationship background. I used the same questions from the "boyfriend tag" so you can kinda have an idea of what he's like. Happy Reading :)

Who is he?
His name is Patrick but everyone calls him Pat.

He's sitting in front of the tv what is on the screen?
The Discovery Channel? Haha. He watches random stuff!

You're out to eat what kind of dressing does he get on his salad?

What's one food he doesnt like?
Eggs Benedict.

You go out to eat and have a drink what does he order?
Soda!! If it's an alcoholic beverage then he'll get Crown & Coke or a Bikini Blonde if they carry it.

What size shoe does he wear?
8-8 1/2

If he was collecting anything what would it be?
Fishing supplies!

What is his favorite type of sandwich?
Philly Cheese Steak.

What would this person eat everyday if he could?

What is his favorite cereal?
He doesn't have one.

What's his fave music?
Local Jams & anything Eminem.

What's his fave sports team?
None. The only sport he watches is MMA & UFC.

What's his eye color?
Dark Brown.

Who's his best friend?
He has a lot. But Max & Rolly would probably top the list.

What is something you do that he wishes you wouldn't?
Bitch for every little thing hahaha. It's true.

What's his heritage/where he's from?
Filipino. From Hawaii.

You bake him a cake for his bday, what kind of cake?
Chantilly!! I got him into that type of cake ;)

Did he play any sports?
He used to wrestle back in high school, football & now tennis.

What could he spend hours doing?
Fishing or working on his car ^_^

What is one unique talent he has?
He knows how to play the ukulele good & he can fix everything LOL.


How did we meet?
Long story short...we met back when we were in 7th grade. Used to talk on the phone all day, everyday. We fell for eachother but he ended hooking up with some other girl. We kinda just lost touch after that. 6 years later, we finally meet in person for the very first time at one of his friends room party. He didn't know what I looked like. His initial reaction about me was "she's a bitch" because he was with some girls that I disliked so I said something to them & the girls ended up leaving hahaha. Finally, I just approached him & asked if he remembered me from back in the day. He did :) We spent the night just talking stories & playing cards before I fell asleep. The next day, I got his number from a friend. Called him up to ask him about a title of some song because he was a DJ back in the day. We talked for hours that night & the next thing you know, we became a couple shortly after that.

Do we have children together?
Yes we do. We have a son named Landon. He's 5 years old.

How do we find the strength to be together?
We just do :) I'm glad we've learned how to work things out. Time apart really does make you stronger. We've learned to overcome obstacles in our relationship by talking about our problems instead of avoiding them. I actually say sorry first if I know I'm wrong. That is something I NEVER did for the past 7 years because I'm hella stubborn. Spending time together has played a huge role in our relationship. I love that I have 99% of his attention NOW. It was the other way around before. I had 1% and his homies had 99% and last but not least, Landon is the glue that holds us together as a family He's like the cherry on top of the cupcake :)

Baby, I thank god for blessing me with a wonderful boyfriend like you :) Through all the trials & tribulations, there's no other place that I'd rather be than here with you & Landon. You guys complete me! Here's to another 8 years & a lifetime together :) ilalalaloveyou

Friday, April 22, 2011

REVIEW: Elf Waterproof Eyeliner Pen

It's rare that I bump into Elf Cosmetics in my area. So far, there's only one place I've spotted on the island that carries Elf products, but the selection is quite small & the products are very limited. It's usually a hit or miss.

Sometime last month, I hit up K-mart & saw that they had re-stocked on some of the Elf products that they carry. At $1 a piece, I got whatever products I wanted to try.

The Elf waterproof eyeliner pen stood out the most to me. I immediately grabbed it & was anxious to try it as soon as I got home.

For it's price tag of $1, I can't complain. It's very easy to control. The tip is thin & gets a little thicker towards the middle. It's easy to achieve a thin or thick line because of it's pen form. It takes about 30 to 45 seconds for it to dry. Once it dries, there is no smudging. However, It is NOT waterproof as they advertised so I suggest you set it with a black eyeshadow after you've applied your eyeliner. I haven't tested this on the waterline because my eyes are sensitive. I don't know why it advertises waterproof when clearly it's not. It comes out easily with water, with little to no scrubbing. The color is black. It's not a true black, but it's dark enough. Head to your nearest Elf Cosmetics carrier & cop one.

Was this product worth the money?

Would I re-purchase this item?

Where to purchase?
Elf Cosmetics or Drugstores, depending on your location. If you live on Maui, you can hit up Kmart. That's the only place I've seen Elf.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Beauty Questions :)

I got this from Bebe. Be sure to check her out! I love her blog! Everything is so neat & in place.

I just got home from the gym. Had a crazy workout!! I seriously wish it was just as easy to drop the weight as gaining it. I'm sure my body is gonna be hurting tomorrow. I look forward to it. I was supposed to do Insanity today but I think my Insanity partner fell asleep while waiting for me to get home from the gym. It's all good though. We'll do it twice tomorrow! Also, can't wait for the Boyfriend & I to do our jog tomorrow morning. We just discovered a new jogging routine that's a little over an hour long. I love the scenery! It makes exercising so much better :D Anyway, on to the questions. If you haven't already done this, DO IT. I'm looking forward to reading your answers.

1. How many times do you wash your face daily?
Usually 2-3 times, depending on how gross my face feels haha.

2. What skin type do you have?
Oily Combination skin.

3. What is your current facial wash?
I use 3 different ones. For my morning face wash, I switch between Clean & Clear Morning Burst and Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Foaming wash. In the night, I ALWAYS use Proactiv.

4. Do you exfoliate?
Yes, I do.

5. What brand do you use?
I use Lush's Coalface Cleanser. It also doubles up as a mild exfoliator.

6. What moisturizer do you use?
Proactiv. I use their oil-free moisturizer because it's what's best for my skin.

7. Do you have freckles?

8. Do you use eye cream?
Yes. MAC's fast response eye cream. Been using it for years.

9. Do you or did you have acne prone skin?
I have very acne prone skin. My skin will break out over the littlest things. FML. But I do control it with Proactiv.

10. Did you ever have to use Proactiv?
YES! I still use it till this day. Proactiv seriously changed my life. I'll write a blog post about this soon :)

11. What foundation do you use?
I rotate between MAC's Studio Fix, Revlon Photo Ready & Revlon Color Stay.

12. How about concealer?
I use MAC's Studio Finish.

13. Do you know your undertone color?
No, I don't. Hahaha, come on now. Really? Yes I do.

14. What do you think of fake eyelashes?
Since the day I learned how to apply falsies, my life has never been the same! I'd choose false lashes over mascara! You would too, if you had my eyelashes ;P

15. Did you know that you are supposed to change your mascara every 3 months?
Yes I do. It's not like I ever listen though. LOL. I don't really keep track ^_^ I do change them though but probably a little past the 3 month mark.

16. What brand of mascara do you use?
Maybelline is my fave mascara brand, hands down. There's nothing a high end mascara can do that a Maybelline one can't. Cover Girl Lash Blast does amazing things for my lashes as well.

17. Sephora or MAC?
We don't even have a Sephora here :( But definitely Sephora because of the variety.

18. Do you have a MAC pro-card?
I wish.

19. What makeup tools do you use in make up application?
Depends on what look I'm going for. Brushes is the main one though.

20. Do you use make-up base/primer for the eyes?
I have to or my eyeshadow will crease!

21. For the face?
Yes. I use Rimmel Fix & Perfect Primer. I loved the Smashbox Primer but it made me so oily & broke me out :(

22. What is your favorite eyeshadow (color or shade)?
When it comes to eyeshadow, I loooooooove Purples!!

23. Do you use pencil, gel/crea, or liquid eyeliner?
I use all. Usually pencil or liquid though.

24. How often do you poke your eyes with an eyeliner pencil?
I don't even know if I've done that before?

25. What do you think of pigment eyeshadows?
I love them! I'm in love with MAC pigments!!

26. Do you use mineral makeup?
Not anymore. I've tried it & the coverage sucked.

27. What is your favorite lipstick(s)?
MAC Cherish, MAC Sweet & Single & RImmel Spotlight Beige.

28. How about lip gloss?
MAC Phiff Dazzleglass, MAC Sweetness & Elf Blossom Hypershine Lipgloss.

29. What is your favorite blush to use?
MAC Notable, MAC Fashion Frenzy, MAC BlushBaby & WnW Pearlescent Pink

30. Do you buy your makeup on Ebay?

31. Do you like drugstore makeup?
Yes, only certain brands.

32. Do you go to CCO's? (cosmetic company outlets)
We don't have those in Hawaii :(

33. Did you ever consider taking make-up classes?
No. That's why there's Youtube. Hahaha. I also learn some stuff from my home girls. Most of them are makeup artists.

34. Are you clumsy in putting on makeup?
Not clumsy, but messy. I make a huge mess when I do my makeup. You see stuff lying around the bathroom sink, on our bed, on my dresser LMAO.

35. Name a makeup crime that you hate?
When girls have their makeup done but neglect to fill in their brows. UGHHHH.

36. Do you like colorful shades of makeup (lipstick, eyeshadow) or neutral ones?
I like both but I tend to use more color. My BF prefers me with neutral makeup though. Depends on the occasion too. Sometimes I get lazy & just slap on some eyeliner & mascara ;P

37. Which celebrity always has great makeup?
Kim Kardashian PERIOD!

38. If you could leave the house using just ONE makeup item, what would you use?
MAC's Spiked Brow Pencil to fill in my brows.

39. Do you think you look good even without any makeup on?
Sometimes hahahaha. Just being real.

40. In your opinion, what is the BEST makeup line?
I don't discriminate :) I love anything makeup.

41. What do you think of makeup?
The best thing EVER invented ;D

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Hi hi my newbie followers ;) Hekela, I.B.G., Beautifull, Rakhshanda & Bebe. I appreciate each & every single one of you that has followed my blog so far ♥ I'm gonna do a makeup giveaway when I reach 100 blog followers & another giveaway when I reach 100 twitter followers. What do yall think? Spread the word. Let's do this!!

So I was supposed to do this blog post earlier & if you guys follow me on twitter, then you know the drill. My internet was being retarted "/ I got home to edit some posts & couldn't log online. Boooo!

I went to a viewing tonight for a family member. OMG, my Mommy's side of the family is ginormous!!! I was tweeting about this earlier lol. If you don't follow me on twitter, what are you waiting for? I'm a twitter whore LMAO. I tweet my every move so if you're curious to know what I tweet about then click HERE & follow :D So as I was saying, my Mom's side of the family is huge! I knew my Mom & Dad has huge families but I had no idea how big it was. I was being introduced to people left & right. I was completely lost. If you're Filipino or familiar with the Filipino culture then you know that we call our elders Aunty or Uncle, Manong or Manang or Mama & Papa. Depending on the person we're talking to, of course. I swear, I didn't even know what to call these people. I would sometimes think that I'd have to call them Manang & my Mom would correct me and say "that's your Aunty." How embarassing LOL. I didn't even get to meet half of them yet. My Mom said I'll meet more people at the funeral tomorrow. I remember some of my relatives though, but I haven't seen them in sooooooo longgggg. Some I've seen about 5 years ago, at my great grandfather's funeral and then most of them were people I have never met in my life or have seen when I was around 10 years old. How time flies. I was a little kid when they met me & now I'm an adult. I feel old hahahahaa.

My Grandma & Grandpa (Mom's Parents) were supposed to fly in today & I was really excited about that because I haven't seen them in a really long time either. I've seen my Grandma a few times over the years because she does fly in from time to time, but my Grandpa...hmm, it's been a while. Shortly after they retired, they moved to the Philippines so I barely ever get to see them. So when I found out that they were coming, I was so ecstatic! BUT NO..the travel agent screwed up on their reservations so now their flight got pushed back to the 28th. ERRRRR. I had my hopes up, damn it.

So with that said, on to the FOTD. Neutrals is what was appropriate for today. I used my UD BOS III. I fell in love with this palette all over again :)

-MAC Soft Brown e/s
-MAC Charcoal Brown e/s
-MAC Ricepaper e/s
-WnW Mink Brown e/l
-Elf Liquid e/l
-Maybelline Lash Stilleto & Maybe Pulse Perfection Mascaras (Both in Black & Waterproof)

-Geo Nudy Grey
Buy them here

-MAC Buerre l/l
-MAC High Tea l/s
-Nyx Blosson Hypershine Gloss

-Rimmel Fix & Perfect Primer
-MAC Studio Fix NC43
-Wnw Goddess Bronzer (Contour)
-MAC Blushbaby Blush
-MAC MSF Goldspill
-MAC MSFN in Dark

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

So good that I'm so BAD ;P

Say hello to Safira. Another new follower on my blog. I'm so surprised that people are actually following :) I never thought people would even read my blog LOL. In case you don't know, I will link all my new followers in a blog post. Everyone deserves some love from me for following :)

Soooo, this past weekend, I've been bad. I swear I gained 5 lbs. in one day! *GASPS* I drank on the weekend & pigged out at my friend's son's party. No regrets though. It does feel crappy that I've gained the weight back that I lost in a week but I honestly have more than enough time to lose it.

For the most part, I do eat healthy & keep up with this new lifestyle so it's okay to break the rules once in a while. However, I've been slacking on the exercise. I do exercise daily but the past few days I've half assed everything! I found myself loungin' in my bedroom, on my computer watching Youtube videos, reading blogs & blogging >_< Not that it's a bad thing but I always told myself that I'd work out first before I did anything else.

Tomorrow though, I will get back on it!! I did P90x & Insanity today & lost 2 lbs., so I'm content. My goal for the end of this month was to lose 7 lbs. If I wasn't so bad, I would've been there by now. But like I said, it's okay! That means I just have to work out twice as hard!! I'll keep yall posted at the end month :)

Any of my followers work out?? If so, what's your exercise routines like? Let me know! I would love to try something different.

Anything you guys wanna read about? See more of? Let me know. Need to satisfy my readers since I actually have some :)

Monday, April 18, 2011

Favorite Product for the Month of April

First things first, Heyyy to my new followers Samantha & Patt :)

Okay, so I don't wear makeup on an everyday basis so I can't do those "monthly favorites" thing that yall see everyone do. However, I'm sure I do wear enough makeup though, where I can share one favorite beauty product with you guys for the month. If you guys don't know, I tend to use the same things over & over. I know right! Such a bad habit. Although the month of April isn't over yet, I knew that this was gonna be my fave product for April because I've been using it all of this month & last month.

MAC Prudeaux Slimshine Lipstick
According to MAC's website, it's described as "Dark Rich Burgundy Plum"

I am in LOVE with this lipstick. My BFF gave this to me & my reaction to it when I first saw it was "iffy" because it looks really dark in the tube. I tend to lean more towards neutral, pinky lipsticks like MAC's Cherish or Rimmel's Spotlight Beige. So the first time I decided to wear Prudeaux Lipstick, we were going out to dinner for my Daddy's 49th Birthday. I fell in love the minute I put it on!! I love that it's a slimshine so you don't have to use a gloss over it. It's moisturizing!

The first time I wore this lipstick out, I did a smokey eye & the only colors I remember using were Sketch, Carbon & Ricepaper as a highlight. Sorry, I forgot the rest haha. The eyes & lips were dark but it honestly wasn't too much. I got a ton of compliments on my makeup that night. I'm sure I took pictures but I don't remember where I put them. That's always the case >_< The second time I used this lipstick, I decided to try it with a neutral eye & the outcome was awesome! I love how versatile this lipstick is. I'm using it in the pics above. I tried searching for this lipstick on maccosmetics.com & I can't find it. I thought that Slimshines were a part of the permanent line? Hmm, I haven't shopped at MAC in such a long time that I am not up to date with their product info. I am dying to get my hands on another one because mine is almost gone. If anyone knows where I can get this lipstick, LMK :) I swear, I reach for this every chance I get. I'm not gonna even attempt to swatch it. The lighting in our room sucks & just wouldn't do it justice.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Boyfriend Tag ♥

I have no camera to record anything & Pat would not want to be on camera, but I wanted to do this tag anyway because I was curious as to what the other half's answers would be. He was kind enough to participate. Enjoy :)

She's sitting in front of the tv what is on the screen?
Pat: Khloe & Kim.
Hahaha. He meant Kourtney & Kim Take New York.

You're out to eat what kind of dressing does she get on her salad?
Pat: Caesar.

What's one food she doesnt like?
Pat: Dinardaraan. (A Filipino dish)
Me: Of all foods??
Pat: Why? You don't like it.
Me: I guess LOL.

You go out to eat and have a drink what does she order?
Pat: Lemon Drop. (At this point I have a weird look on my face)
Me: Really?????
Pat: Crown & Coke or Reisling.
Me: Water!!!!

What size shoe does she wear?
Pat: 7.

If she was collecting anything what would it be?
Pat: Makeup & Shoes.

What is her favorite type of sandwich?
Pat: Idk? Roast Beef.

What would this person eat everyday if she could?
Pat: Saimin.

What is her favorite cereal?
Pat: Cinnamon Toast Crunch.
Me: What?? Peanut Butter Captain Crunch!
Pat: You don't even like Peanut Butter!
Me: I know! But I love the cereal.

What's her fave music?
Pat: R&B coz you're gay.
WTF! FYI, this answer is not to offend anyone. He was being completely sarcastic.

What's her fave sports team?
Pat: Lakers.

What's her eye color?
Pat: Brown.

Who's her best friend?
Pat: Cherish.

What is something you do that she wishes you wouldn't?
Pat: Smoke Cigarettes.

What's her heritage/where she's from?
Pat: Filipino/Wailuku.

You bake her a cake for her bday what kind of cake?
Pat: Red Velvet.
Me: Fucker, wrong again.
Pat: Chantilly.
Me: 8 Years together, Babe! *SMH*

Did she play any sports?
Pat: Tennis.

What could she spend hours doing?
Pat: Looking at herself.
Me: WTF that is stupid!
Pat: YOU DO!

What is one unique talent she has?
Pat: Makeup, Webdesigning.
Me: I wouldn't consider them talents but more like hobbies.

This was hilarious. We've been together for 8 years & this Boyfriend tag was a FAIL on his part hahaha. I guess I caught him off guard with these questions. I'm sure if this was a girlfriend tag, I would've passed it with flying colors :)

Back in 2004 LMAO. Look at how young we look!

Update as promised + FOTD

I'm backkkk, still TIRED as hell "/ Our little one day get away from home was great! I had a blast. I pretty much lounged at the pool & in the gym, hah! We've stayed at this hotel twice & it's always awesome! The staff is so nice & I'm so in love with the property. Enjoy the pics :) PICTURE HEAVY!

I just lost another 2 lbs. :) I realize that I'm 15 lbs. away from my target weight. YAYYYYY! I'm ecstatic. I say 3 more months till I hit my goal but I'm gonna try to hit it in 2 months instead. DIG DEEPER bwahaha.

So anyway, tonight we went to my friend's son's bday. Landon had a blast playing with all the other kids. I feel so bad that he's the only child. I'm sure he gets really bored playing at home by myself :( That's probably the reason he just goes nuts when there's other kids around haha. So onto the makeup. FYI, all my pics on my blog are taken with my cell phone camera. I know, I know..WHACK but it does take decent pics. Yes, these pics were taken in the car. Don't worry, Pat was driving hehe. I used my Urban Decay BOS III because it haven't got some play in a while. It just sits on my dresser, collecting dust. The lighting today though washed out the pics but it's okay :) It made it look like my foundation didn't match. BLEH. Trust me, it did. I promise the makeup looked way better in person!

-MAC Ricepaper e/s
-WnW Violet e/l
-Elf liquid e/l
-MAC Graphblack e/l
-Maybelline Lash Stilleto & Maybelline Pulse Perfection Mascaras (Both in black & waterproof)

-Geo Angel Brown
Buy them here

-MAC Prep & Prime Lip
-Nyx Mauve l/l
-MAC Her Fancy l/s
-MAC Lovechild l/g

-Rimmel Fix & Perfect Primer
-Revlon Photo Ready Foundation
-WnW Goddess Bronzer (Contour)
-MAC Blushbaby Blush
-MAC MSF in Goldspill (Highlight)

-Jose Eber 25mm Clipless Curling Iron
-Nexxus Heat Protexx
-John Frieda Dream Curls Curl Perfecting Spray

So what was yall weekend like? Do share :) Time to catch up on some blogs & Youtube LOL.