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Monday, April 4, 2011

The Cleanse

For those of you who may not know, the Boyfriend & I are on this whole new path to becoming a healthier couple.  It's almost our 3 month mark & I'm so excited because our bad habits have definitely took a huge turn and of course, for the better :)  3 months ago, all we ever did was party our asses off.  Wake up every morning with a hangover.  Those days were BLEH!  Now it's wake up feeling refreshed & ready to tackle the day with workouts!  No more smoking, drinking & bad eating :)

So 3 days ago I started a cleanse.  I wanted to cleanse my body of all that toxic stuff that has been building up for years.  Get rid of all that unecessary JUNK.  There are pro's & con's to this cleanse, just like any other cleanse out there.  I would've stopped on the first day but I know that this is what's good for my body so I need to rough it out.  I hate taking pills.  I just have a hard time swallowing them & I gag at the thought of it going down my throat.  This cleanse plus the vitamins I take to replenish my body has me popping a total of 17 pills a day!!!  I know that sounds crazy & trust me it is, but with the way that I work out, this stuff is essential.

As good as this is for myself & my body, I can't wait to get this cleanse over with!  I am beyond frustrated & I'll tell you why.

1.  Of course, the pill popping haha.  This is probably the hardest step for me.  The pills are HUGE!  I mean like, horse pills.  I also need to drink a packet of fiber that the cleanse comes with.  It tastes like shit.  On top of that, I drink between 70-80 oz. of water a day.  Lord have mercy!

2.  I pee every 5 minutes LMAO.  Seriously.  That gets really annoying.

3.  ACNE :(  I have acne-prone skin so my skin is all haywire right now.  Due to all the toxins leaving my system, our skin is our largest organ so the toxins are seeping through my pores & that's what's causing the breakouts.  Thank god this is temporary.  The acne should go away & my skin should be looking better than ever :) 

I know I can do it.  Just 4 more days then it's back to our regular programming.  In 4 days it's gonna be a healthier me!  I can't complain with that :)

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