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Monday, April 18, 2011

Favorite Product for the Month of April

First things first, Heyyy to my new followers Samantha & Patt :)

Okay, so I don't wear makeup on an everyday basis so I can't do those "monthly favorites" thing that yall see everyone do. However, I'm sure I do wear enough makeup though, where I can share one favorite beauty product with you guys for the month. If you guys don't know, I tend to use the same things over & over. I know right! Such a bad habit. Although the month of April isn't over yet, I knew that this was gonna be my fave product for April because I've been using it all of this month & last month.

MAC Prudeaux Slimshine Lipstick
According to MAC's website, it's described as "Dark Rich Burgundy Plum"

I am in LOVE with this lipstick. My BFF gave this to me & my reaction to it when I first saw it was "iffy" because it looks really dark in the tube. I tend to lean more towards neutral, pinky lipsticks like MAC's Cherish or Rimmel's Spotlight Beige. So the first time I decided to wear Prudeaux Lipstick, we were going out to dinner for my Daddy's 49th Birthday. I fell in love the minute I put it on!! I love that it's a slimshine so you don't have to use a gloss over it. It's moisturizing!

The first time I wore this lipstick out, I did a smokey eye & the only colors I remember using were Sketch, Carbon & Ricepaper as a highlight. Sorry, I forgot the rest haha. The eyes & lips were dark but it honestly wasn't too much. I got a ton of compliments on my makeup that night. I'm sure I took pictures but I don't remember where I put them. That's always the case >_< The second time I used this lipstick, I decided to try it with a neutral eye & the outcome was awesome! I love how versatile this lipstick is. I'm using it in the pics above. I tried searching for this lipstick on maccosmetics.com & I can't find it. I thought that Slimshines were a part of the permanent line? Hmm, I haven't shopped at MAC in such a long time that I am not up to date with their product info. I am dying to get my hands on another one because mine is almost gone. If anyone knows where I can get this lipstick, LMK :) I swear, I reach for this every chance I get. I'm not gonna even attempt to swatch it. The lighting in our room sucks & just wouldn't do it justice.

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