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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Haul: Sinful Colors & WnW

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After my interview today, I wanted to go to Walgreens while we waited for Landon to finish school. I was supposed to go there just to buy some shampoo & conditioner but I ended up buying other stuff as well. Not that I should be surprised because that always happens anyway. Haha.

Sinful Colors were on sale for $0.99!!! The rack was half empty though :( Boo! But I managed to pick up 3 polishes. The colors are fuckin gorgeous!! The pictures seriously don't do them justice. If any of you like matte polishes, Savage is beautiful! You can put a top coat over it for a glossy finish if you wish. I'm going back tomorrow to see if they have more colors in stock. I definitely need to take advantage of that $0.99 cents sale.

Of course I saw more WnW liners that weren't there the last time I went. I picked these fun, bright colors to use as bases since they're so creamy & blend so easily. They were still on sale for $0.69 each. The sharpener & lash glue were necessities. Be on the look out for more looks now that I finally got some lash glue LOL.

Btw, see how messy the background is in the pics? LOL. That's what makes it my blog. I can do whateva I like ;) In the pics below, I applied only 1 coat of nail polish & NO base coat. I'm surprised at how opaque they were.

Sinful Colors Nail Polishes (L-R)
#961 Fig, #321 Forget Now & #950 Savage.

WnW Liners (top to bottom)
Shimmer Eye Pencil in Silver
Shimmer Eye Pencil in Copper
Color Icon 661C Amethyst
Color Icon 653E Cool Green
Color Icon 664B Sky Blue


Jessi said...

Ooh I bought the Sinful polish in the neon pink and I LOVE it! I do have to put a top coat over otherwise it chips easily.

I'm your newest follower. have a great day! :)

Lisa said...

These polishes are so pretty! I can't wait to give some away when I reach 100 followers :)


those colors are amazing!


xoladiihoneyxo said...

I'm surprised Sinful Professional Nail Polishes are that pigmented and look good on your nails 'cause someone got me two and I didn't really like them. Maybe its just the two I got? I also got the one in glittery pink but I find it drying out faster than any other nail polishes but I can't expect much if its that cheap ;] teehee. I like the packaging. YAY doe the DUO adhesive lash glues. I wanted the one in dark but been so lazy to even play with the falsies.

Lisa said...

Yeah, these 3 polishes are pretty opaque. The purple one is my fave from the 3!

LJ said...

omg i LOVE fig!! it's so pretty on my toe-sies. and savage is love too, can't believe it dries matte, it's awesome!

Lisa said...

Yup, Fig is my fave out of the three. I'll be rockin' that on my toes later this week :D


post pics ")

The Fashionilla said...

I really love that turquoise one!

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All the best!