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Thursday, April 28, 2011

How I maintain healthy hair

Say hello to my new followers xoladiihoneyxo, KittyVixen85, Luva, Jessi, Shayla. If you happen to see your name on here & there's no link, please inform me if you have a blog. I wasn't able to find links for some of you. I apologize. Now onto the post.

If there is one thing that I get complimented on a lot, that would be my hair. Not my hairstyle but the softness & healthiness of it.

Back in highschool, I had the most damaged hair EVER! I used to straighten my hair everyday & I didn't use a heat protectant. I didn't know better back then haha. My hair got so damaged & dry. I had so much split ends & the bottom of my hair was practically dead. On top of that, I used to color my hair all the time!! My poor hair suffered so much :( I had really long hair & I didn't want to cut it but I had no choice. The minute I cut my hair, I decided that I was going to take care of my hair and I'm glad that I did :)

It took me a while to revive my hair back to health. I stopped straightening my hair & just colored my hair one solid color which was Black. That's my original hair color. After a few months, the results were spectacular! So here's a few tips on how I continue to keep my hair healthy. This is not intended for everybody. It's what works best for me :)

1. I don't shampoo my hair everyday. That might sound disgusting but the oils that our scalp produces is actually healthy for the hair :) Now that I workout everyday, I'll wash my hair with warm water but I won't use shampoo or conditioner unless it's been a day or two. Depends on how oily my hair gets, I'll usually shampoo it every other day or every two days.

2. I don't use hot tools on an everyday basis. I always let my hair air dry. I don't curl or straighten my hair unless I have a special occasion to go to like a party or dinner. If I do use hot tools, I use a heat protectant. YES, I've learned! LOL. I like to use Nexxus, Paul Brown & John Freida products. They work best for my hair. I've tried using higher end products but they tend to make my scalp really oily.

3. I have a sensitive scalp so I'm only allowed to use drugstore shampoo's. I can't even use most drugstore shampoos because my scalp will itch like crazy! My scalp/hair has a love affair with Pantene Pro-v & Suave :)

4. I don't color my hair. It's been over 5 years since the last time I've colored my hair.

5. ARGAN OIL!!! NUFF SAID. If you don't own this stuff, get some NOW! Your hair will never be the same, I promise :)

6. I trim my hair every so often. Damage usually occurs on the bottom of your hair & if you don't get rid of the damage hair, it'll prevent growth. I'm sure everyone knows this by now :)

That is it. It seems like a lot of work but really, it's not. I guess I'm used to it. I'm proud to say that I have NO split ends :) Split end free for the past 6 years or so. And my hair grows tremendously fast! What are your tips on keeping your hair healthy? Do share :)

Most frequently used hair products:
Paul Brown Shine Amplifier (shine gloss spray) $15.90
Paul Brown Treat Elite (instant detangler, light conditioner & finishing rinse all in one) $9.60
Nexxus Heat Protexx (heat protectant)
John Frieda Dream Curls (for curling hair)
John Frieda Straight Answer (for straightening hair)

John Frieda & Nexxus products can be found at drugstores & range anywhere between $6-$10. As for the Paul Brown products, I'm not sure where they carry it but I got mine at a Paul Brown salon here in Hawaii.


LJ said...

my hair is really thick and wavy so i don't straighten it unless i'm going out. i like to use suave too and i'm loving the aussie 3-minute miracle conditioner and biosilk silk infusion, works wonders for my hair. great post! =)

Lisa said...

I heard Aussie products were good & they smell good too! Maybe I need to try it out & see how my hair reacts to it :)

TheLipJunkie said...

ha, you sounded just like me in high school with the hair damaging BS! my hair hasnt been the same, but better. i def need to try this Argan oil stuff

Lisa said...

I wish I had a pic to show how damaged my hair was. The bottom of my hair was so bushy because it was so dry & DEAD LOL. but definitely try some argan oil. It'll really do wonders for your hair & it smells good too :)

Neeva Marie B. said...

I know it might sound odd, but "horse" shampoo helps too! Like Mane n Tail or Cabellina and it leaves your hair feeling like it regained strength, or it did for me, when I did exactly what you did in highschool lol.

And even though it's a bit pricey(but instead of going to a salon, go to a beauty supply store, sometimes its more cheaper) check out some salon brands like Sebastian or Enjoy. Clarifying shampoos are good to strip out impurities from your hair. And the difference between drugstore and salon shampoos is that drugstore shampoos have certain salts or chemicals that can strip out more than it should from your hair, hence dryness, or too much product it might weigh down your hair or make your scalp oily, and etc and why haircolor fades out. But it's just a matter of choice and what works for you :)

Lisa said...

I've tried horse shampoo before & it did work well. IDK why I stopped using it?? Maybe I should go back to it & rotate out my shampoos :) Thanks for the feedback <3

TheLipJunkie said...

GIRL, I know exactly what you're talking about! The top half of my hair was lovely... then the bottom was like O___O LOL

KatXoXo said...

Great post! I had the same problem in high school (and still am bad at not straightning all the time)

BeautyPulse said...

Great post!

I've always wanted to try Argan oil but I dont know where to get it from! Any suggestions ? Thanks

Lisa said...

BeautyPulse - I got mine from Walgreens. Try a drugstore :)