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Monday, April 11, 2011

Kapalua Lake Loop (Duck Pond)

I don't even know where to start with this. One day Pat & I decided to take a different route & go on a hike that was different from all the mountain hikes that we've been doing. We've heard about this place before but wasn't sure exactly where it was. We decided to go anyway. We got lost for the first 30 minutes & finally found our way. I must say that this is an easy hike. It is so gorgeous!!! The path up to the pond is just surrounded by trees & all kinds of plants. It is so refreshing to be surrounded by nature instead of the usual DIRT that we see going up the mountains LOL. Since then, we've been up to this lake a few times.

Landon & my niece Shaylene is in love with this place!! It's so kid friendly & I was impressed that Landon wanted to follow us the second time around. He actually made it up there with no complaints at all :) They're always so excited to go to the duck pond because there's so much fishes & ducks and the best part of it all is that we get to feed them! We try to take Landon up here atleast once a week. It's nice to do activites with the kids & this is probably one of the best ways to incorporate some exercise into their lives.

I had more photos but I don't remember where they went. Sorry.


Kelly said...

oh!! its beautiful! where da heck is this located? and how the hell do i get to swinging bridges? lol

Lisa said...

If you know where Sansei's is in Kapalua, across the street there's a path. You go there :)

Girl, we should go. LMK when you wanna go so we can take you guys. Atleast you guys will know where it's located & you guys can go whenever you guys choose :)