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Friday, April 22, 2011

REVIEW: Elf Waterproof Eyeliner Pen

It's rare that I bump into Elf Cosmetics in my area. So far, there's only one place I've spotted on the island that carries Elf products, but the selection is quite small & the products are very limited. It's usually a hit or miss.

Sometime last month, I hit up K-mart & saw that they had re-stocked on some of the Elf products that they carry. At $1 a piece, I got whatever products I wanted to try.

The Elf waterproof eyeliner pen stood out the most to me. I immediately grabbed it & was anxious to try it as soon as I got home.

For it's price tag of $1, I can't complain. It's very easy to control. The tip is thin & gets a little thicker towards the middle. It's easy to achieve a thin or thick line because of it's pen form. It takes about 30 to 45 seconds for it to dry. Once it dries, there is no smudging. However, It is NOT waterproof as they advertised so I suggest you set it with a black eyeshadow after you've applied your eyeliner. I haven't tested this on the waterline because my eyes are sensitive. I don't know why it advertises waterproof when clearly it's not. It comes out easily with water, with little to no scrubbing. The color is black. It's not a true black, but it's dark enough. Head to your nearest Elf Cosmetics carrier & cop one.

Was this product worth the money?

Would I re-purchase this item?

Where to purchase?
Elf Cosmetics or Drugstores, depending on your location. If you live on Maui, you can hit up Kmart. That's the only place I've seen Elf.


Rakhshanda said...

Wow it looks great!!

Neeva Marie B. said...

I tried this liner before, and it's arright. I'd buy it again but just for on-the-run purposes because even tho it's a good pen liner, it doesn't do a lot for me that I need it to. Not so much smudging but a lot of fading -_- But for that price it's pretty good. Worth your $1... Better than NYC for sure, and I think their liners are more than a $1 too :p

Lisa said...

Yeah, the fading part is an issue because it's not water proof. You can take the liner off with plain old tap water. But for the price, it's worth it :)

Peach Crush said...

wow that looks awesome!! new follower here :) i'd love if you follow back

Artist by Design said...

nice review- from your latest follower :)

please follow me back as well! im doin an awesome giveaway!!