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Monday, April 25, 2011

Review: Sinful Colors Nail Polish

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I discovered these nail polishes a few months back & I've been in love ever since. I love Walgreens so I'm there every chance that I get. As I was browsing through the makeup department, I spotted a shelf with these polishes on display. They're pretty hidden. The display is under a counter "/ I don't know how I saw it with my terrible eye sight but it immediately caught my attention because they looked like CHINA GLAZE!!! At that time, they were also on sale for $1.29! What a steal. The original prices are good enough. They run about $1.99 for one nail polish. Not bad huh? So I picked up a few to give it a try.

The packaging is awesome! It looks almost identical to China Glaze polishes. From the bottle to the labels, it has China Glaze written all over it.

I wish these nail polishes were just as opaque as China Glaze. They're not as opaque as I want them to be but for the price, it's pretty good quality. I usually apply 2-3 coats of polish to get it's true color. The consistancy of the polishes are on the thinner, more liquidy side.

I recommend a base & top coat for these polishes to increase it's wear. I usually get a week to a week & a half of wear before I spot any type of chipping. So far the only place I've seen that carries Sinful Colors polishes are at my local Walgreens so stop by your Walgreens & pick some up :)

I tried to do nail polish swatches but the lighting in my room is horrible. You can definitely tell in the photos. And please excuse the mess on my dresser hahahaha.

Was the product worth the money?
You know this!

Would I re-purchase?
Most def!

Where to purchase?

Photo's (L-R)

First picture:
#113 Dream On, #395 Folly, #836 Serena & Chloe, & #854 Boogie Nights

Second Picture:
#264 Vacation Time, #947 Mint Apple, #853 Cloud Nine, #925 Let's Meet & #319 What's Your Name

Third Picture:
#835 Dancing Nails, #925 I Love You, #833 Show Me The Way, #941 Almighty & #927 Nail Junkie

Vacation Time, Dream On & Mint Apple are my faves. I always go back to them over & over again. If you own some polishes from this brand, what are you faves?


Anonymous said...

love the colors girl!

RinaMarie said...

Great blog! Love your attitude :)
Im a new follower, and look forward to reading more from you. Follow me too? :)

little miss glamourous said...

Sinful Colors is one of my fav. I'm a cheap freak at times hehe.

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Lisa said...

I got 3 more new colors today. Gonna do a haul ;)

Shayla said...

Nice haul girl! I really want to start buying some of these polishes. Btw thanks for follow girl, I really appreciate it!

Lisa said...

Shayla you should :) Go to Walgreens now ;)

LyftIMC LUVA said...

love the colors :))) ♥

follow you now !


charlene-ann said...

new follower!!! LOVE all the pretty colour polishes you got!! I wish we had a walgreens here in Toronto so I too can buy and try out a bunch... :( but for now I will have to wait till I go to the states or something so I can purchase them :)

Lisa said...

I'm not sure if you can find them on the Walgreens website but you can check to see if they carry it.

LJ said...

girl i've been into sinful colors too. i love them! some people say they don't last but as long as u use seche vite top coat or any other good top coat, ur good to go. i love vacation time too! everytime i go to walgreens, they don't have too many shades to choose from. but i've hauled so many of these polishes, i don't even know all the names lol