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Friday, April 15, 2011

Slackin ;P

I completely got caught up that I didn't have a chance to complete my post yesterday *gasps*. I don't think I'm gonna have time tonight either. I am beyond exhausted from yesterday & today. I really just wanna chill with Pat since we're both off today. We wanted to spend some QT with Landon too but he was so exhausted as well that he fell asleep :( I think he had a little too much fun at the pool yesterday & today.

I'm just gonna wine down with a glass of red wine & just talk stories with my LOVE. I promise I will update tomorrow with some pics & more news!! If not in the morning then in the evening. Maybe a FOTD & OOTD too since I'm going to a Birthday Party.

In the meantime, go say what up to my new followers :) Rochelle & Stacy. Thanks for following ladies :)

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