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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Surprise Surprise!

I jumped on the scale today & to my surprise, I've lost another 3 lbs. in a matter of a week :) 3 lbs. might sound like a small amount, but when you're killing yourself trying to get to where you wanna be, 3 lbs. makes all the difference in the world! I love how the scale numbers are just reducing drastically compared to how it was in the beginning. I gave myself a whole year to get to my target weight and if not that, then to the way I want my body to be and I believe I can do it within the next 3 months. I must say, I am proud & I feel so accomplished!

Also, as Pat & I were headed to pick up Landon from school, Pat made a compliment. He said "Babe, your arms lost a lot of weight & you gained muscle which is real good. Good job Babe." I have P90x to thank for that haha. You know, it's little things like that, that makes my day so much better and it reminds me that I'm doing this for all the right reasons :)

A lot of people who don't understand where I come from are always saying "who are you trying to impress?" or "why do you want to be skinny?" or "what you're doing isn't going to work." SHUT UP! I'm not trying to impress anyone. Pat & I did this for a reason. It's not just to look good or feel confident with the way that we look. We wanted to be healthy. I wish those people could tell me what was so healthy about getting drunk all night & sleeping in all day then wake up and eat whatever the hell you wanted & go back to sleep. That is way past unhealthy & we just didn't want to live that lifestyle anymore. It just so happen that being healthy requires working out & working out has it perks of getting the body that you want. Hell, when I was 100 lbs., I didn't have abs nor was any part of my body toned out. I had a flat stomach & that was about it. I was just skinny. Been there, done that. I don't want to be skinny & I'm not knocking on skinny people either. I want to be FIT, TONED, LEAN. There's a difference, FYI :) So for those people who have unnecessary comments or remarks, DUECES. Oh & this "thing" I'm doing is going to work. How do I know? Because it's already working :) Tootles!


Vanessa said...

Thanks girl! And good job on losing weight, my fiance is a beachbody coach so he does Insanity, P90x, and all that and I did P90x last year, definitely can tell a difference in just a week! I loved it, and definitely have to get back on it before my wedding!

Here is a before and after of my fiance: http://images53.fotki.com/v140/photos/3/1523333/9239201/829_552534829_4748515_977789_n-vi.jpg

Lisa said...

OMG!! That is definitely AMAZING results! My boyfriend is gonna look like that one day, too :) hehe. Girl, I think you look great already :) Atleast you have a personal trainer though. Lucky you :D

IDK if you remember me from a longgg time ago. I used to blog over at macwh0re.blogspot.com.

LJ said...

don't let those haters get in the way. keep these health & fitness posts coming, you are really inspiring me to finally do something about my weight. congrats on you and your man's progress! ;)

itzSheryl said...

NICE!! Congrats on loosing 3lbs :) Its an amaazing feeling! Besides P90x whats your diet like??

Lisa said...

Thanks Lani :D I'm glad I could inspire you. Update me on how things go :)

Sheryl - Thanks girl! You can read about it on this post :)

HeKeLa said...

Keep up the positivity...I feel you on that...I am a mother of three and always make it a point to stay fit..bc I overall I want to be healthy. Its a done deal..I have thick thighs and hips I know thats not goin anywhere..but I definitely want to feel great, lean and healthy in the process!! Great post! xoxo

Lisa said...

Thank you Hekela :)