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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Weightloss & FAQ's

You guys asked so I delivered. I've been getting so many questions via message on FB & in person on how we lost weight so instead of trying to explain to every single person that asked, I thought that I'd blog about it & just direct people to this post. I find that much easier :)

Before I start, just wanted to share what our day was like. I was craving to eat at Gazebo's restaurant which is absolutely one of my favorite places to eat EVERRRR. I wanted their Banana Macadamia Nut Pancakes. We get there & I should've known better. The line was soooo long that we refused to wait in line. I was bummed. We decided to head over to Duke's Beach House Restaurant located in the Honua Kai Hotel for some breakfast since none of us has never tried that place before. The food was good. I ordered something similiar to what I had at Plantation House yesterday. Duke's Beach Restaurant had some pancakes but I just wasn't in the mood anymore LOL. They sure did look good though!

Now onto the weightloss :)Being on a diet is definitely a challenge. It's not something that you try out then expect to go back to your old ways & maintain your weight. It has to be a lifestyle change & not many people understand that. I've heard so many people say that they're going on a diet, push themselves for a few months and then go back to whatever crap they were doing before that made them gain weight in the first place LMAO. I'm laughing coz I've done it before. What's the point of working so hard to lose weight only to gain it all back & more? You know you're likely to gain twice the weight that you've lost, should you fall off your diet. Hellooooooo. But you know what? You live & you learn.

So exercising & eating right goes hand in hand with losing weight. We all know that right? There's no such thing as "I can eat whatever I want coz I workout everyday." Hahaha. BULLSHIT. You won't lose weight. We do have the occassional "cheat days" but a cheat day shouldn't be everyday! I can definitely say that being on a diet is much harder than quitting cigarettes. Hell yeah, it's that hard. I'm Filipino. We grew up on rice!! I live in a household that has the best Filipino food on the table at all times. We're talking about Sinigang, Longanisa, Chicaron, Chicken Adobo & OMG I'm getting hungry blogging about it LOL. But FML because I can't eat those things all the time. There are times where we'll have something really good for dinner & while everyone's feasting, I'm eating a salad. Boooooo LOL.

So it's been almost 3 months since Pat & I started this lifestyle change & I must say that we're doing one hell of a job!! My BF & I have lost a tremendous amount of weight & this is only the beginning. There is definitely a huge difference in everything compared to before. There's so much improvement all around, including our relationship. It has improved drastically! About 3 months ago I hated being in a relationship. I felt that Pat & I never did anything together. He was always out with his friends & I was out with mine. The only time we did something was on the weekends and that was getting drunk together. Oh how fun! Haha. Since we've started working out and trying to change for the better, our relationship is AWESOME! We love being around eachother, we're much more affectionate, we actually miss eachother when we're away from eachother. This is what I've always wanted our relationship to be like. By far this has been the best change and the best thing that has happened to us. I wouldn't change it for the world. Falling in love all over again is the best feeling. Feels just as good as losing weight ;P

We get tons of questions from everyone asking about our weightloss. Here's some FAQ's. Again, this might not work for everyone. This is what's working for Pat & I. Any questions, leave them down below & we'll be glad to answer them :)

1. You guys lost a lot of weight! What are you guys doing?
-We do drugs LMAO. Hello, we exercise. Common sense. Hahaha. Kicked the bad habits to the curb. It's hard but just do it!!

2. What do you guys eat?
-Healthy food LOL. If there's one thing you need to know it should be the meaning of "in moderation." It's okay to eat bad but...IN MODERATION. Eat smart. I like to drink a lot of water before I eat so I consume less food & still feel full. Breakfast is our biggest meal of the day & Dinner would be our smallest. We've cut our rice intake to twice a week, sometimes less. Instead of snacking on junk food, we have vegetables or fruits. Drink 6-8 glasses of water a day. It might seem hard but it's easy once you get the hang of it. We eat a lot of protein like eggs, lean chicken, beef & fish. Last but not least, cut alcohol out of your diet. This is probably one of the hardest things we had to do. Don't get me wrong, we still drink but not everyday. If we do drink, we'll have red wine instead of mixed drinks. We can go for weeks at a time without drinking. Most people can't believe that because if you know us personally, we party like muthafuckin' rockstars LOL. I can't believe it myself either!

3. What types of exercises are you guys doing?
-We workout at the gym, tennis, hiking (I'll post our adventures), jogging, and as of right now Pat does P90x & I do both P90x & Insanity. I do P90x in the morning & Insanity at night. Most of the time I'll do both, one after the other and then do Insanity in the night all over again coz I'm retarted like that LOL. Our workouts don't seem hard but trust me, IT IS. We buss our asses, especially on those hiking trails. No pain, no gain.

4. How do you stay motivated?
-Honestly having eachother & pushing eachother helps so much. We also work out with Pat's cousin and her BF. That is also another plus. The more fun you have working out, the more you're gonna want to do it. Stay focused & remember where you wanna go & ask yourself how you're gonna get there. Remind yourself that this process takes a while & that you're not going to see results right away. Everytime I get discouraged, I always tell myself that it takes time and that I will get there. It always boosts my confidence. No matter what, stay positive, eat right, exercise, stay committed & get healthy :)

5. How much weight did you lose?
-As of today, while I'm working on this post it is April 5, 2011, Pat lost 30 lbs. & I've lost 25 lbs. & that hard work was accomplished in less than 3 months. We hit our 3rd month mark on April 14th :D

6. What is your target weight?
-I'm not looking for a specific number because the more exercise you do, the more you build muscle and muscle weighs a lot. I'm looking more to just lean out my body & get toned. As for Pat, I believe he's already reached his target weight so now he's getting into lifting weights.

7. Do you take supplements?
-Yes, we do. We take vitamins because we need to replenish all the vitamins that we lose during workout. To be honest, after I'm done with this box of vitamins, I'm gonna get something else. The vitamins are ginormous! They have a weird taste to them. I've thrown up a few times because I wasn't able to handle the taste & I couldn't swallow them. However, they do work though. But if you're not a pill taker then I suggest you get something else. Pat can take all his vitamins at one time. *BARF* I don't know how the hell he does that. We also have tried OxyElite Pro which is a fat burner. That stuff works AMAZINGGGG. Like seriously!! OMGkindaAMAZING! All these products can be found at GNC. Please do your research first before you try any of these products.

8. How did you quit smoking/drinking/other bad habits?
I will elaborate on this in a different post. Please check back later :)

9. Other tips or advice?
Stay away from food that are high in sodium because sodium makes you gain water weight. Read the nutrition facts when you're shopping!! Don't be fooled. If you wanna eat junk food, be willing to work out twice as hard!! That's how we do it. Do the crime, pay the time bwahaha. Don't starve yourself! It's unhealthy. Your body needs food to burn the fat. The healthier you eat, the faster you'll drop the weight. No matter what kinds of pills you take or how healthy you eat, remember the results won't be what you expect them to be unless you add exercise to your diet. PUSH YOURSELF!! You'll be glad you did :D Good luck!

I got into a fight with Landon tonight because he made his cousin cry intentionally.  Whenever he argues with someone, he gives them the silent treatment or he'll just tell them stuff that he thinks will hurt their feelings haha. So...

Landon: "Mommy, you're not invited to my Birthday Party.  You can't come outside when I have my party!"
Me: "Oh yeah? Well who's gonna pay for your party if I'm not invited?"
Landon: "I'm gonna ask Mama & Papa's friends." ^_^


LJ said...

"we do drugs" LMAO! congrats on the weight loss! my weight loss is a work in progress. which reminds me i need to blog about it lol.

Lisa said...

Thanks! I can't believe how hard it is at times.

Yes, please blog about your weight loss. I love reading about other people going through the same things as I do. It's motivation :) You should try Insanity if you haven't already. The first time I tried it, I did it for 3 days & lost 5 lbs!