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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Wet n Wild Color Icon Eyeliners

A few nights ago, my Sister, my Niece Shay & Landon went out because it gets really boring staying home all the time (o_o) Anyway, we hit up Walgreens & everytime I go there, I head straight for the makeup section ;D Pat left me with his debit card that day & I get kinda bummed when he does that because when I have someone else's money to spend, there ain't shit to buy. Everything in the makeup department was BLEHHHH!

My intentions of going to Walgreens was to get Landon and my 2 nieces some Easter Baskets which I might add was a SUCCESS!! But before I went to look for their Easter baskets, I got caught up in the makeup department and was drawn to the Wet n Wild area. I swear, I have this ridiculous fetish for eyeliners!!! I guess I LOVE color too much to only own a black & a brown eyeliner. Hah!

Everyone & their Mom's know about Wet n Wild's Color Icon line. It's fuckin' amazing! From the price all the way to the pigmentation. Who's complaining? I live on a rock (LOL) so our selections here isn't that great. I was surprised to find these though. Believe it or not, this was the first time I've ever seen these. They're the WnW Color Icon eyeliners & they were only $0.99!!!! But it gets better. They were on sale for $0.69 plus an additional 15% OFF!!!! I grabbed whatever colors they had on the shelf :)

I'm not the best at swatching, nor do I have the best camera but you can definitely get a general idea on what they look like. They're true to color. They're really creamy so they would make good bases because they're easy to blend. If I were to use these on the waterline or lower lashline, I would definitely set it with a powder of some sort to increase it's staying power. But for $0.69 each, you really can't complain. It was worth it!

Left to Right:
649 Mink Brown(brow & eye liner)
660A Bronze
651 Black Black
659C Turquoise
650D Purple
662B Green

I suggest you hit up your Walgreens & cop some now :D


LJ said...

Aloha Lisa! thanks for visiting my blog and i'm so glad you found me ;) i have yet to try out these liners since i love WNW but they always seem to be out of stock. anyhoo, i'm looking forward do your 'let's stay acne free' post since i've been struggling with light acne these days. :( loving the look of your blog! can't wait to see more ;) xoxo!


Lisa said...

Thanks Love ;) Keep checkin' your drugstores. I'm sure it'll pop up somewhere. Plus you guys have more stores than we do haha.

LJ said...

where are u at girl?

Lisa said...

I'm on Maui. It's so small here. Very few selection & it sucks coz we don't have Target or Sephora here either "/