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Monday, May 2, 2011

End of the Month Diet Update + Random stuff

Eff man! IDK wth I did to my blog that it screwed up the layout ^_^ I will edit everything later. I'm so irritated.

New follower Kathleenabelle :)

I apologize that I've been missing for the past few days. My weekends are always tied up. So anyway, just thought I'd do an update post for yall.

So as of May 1st, I am currently still the same weight. My weight fluctuated like crazy in April. I'd lose 5lbs then gain it back and it kept going back & forth. There are so many things that I've done in April that I don't want to do anymore. We've been slacking & I feel so crappy about it. We're starting to get into that "comfortable" zone of eating whatever because we can burn it off easily kind of zone. There's days where we sometimes don't even workout because we don't feel like it. Like seriously? I honestly do workout by myself sometimes coz Pat doesn't like doing Insanity. I have to force myself to do things alone & it's hard because of the lack of motivation. BUT I'm not giving up! I've come a long way & I'd hate to throw it all away. It's a brand new month so that calls for some brand new weight loss goals :) I will drop another 5 lbs at the least this month. NO EXCUSES! Back to a strict diet & workout regimen. The things you need to go through to get in shape & be healthy *sigh*

So any of you into UFC? Well I am & my favorite UFC fighter of all time, hands down, is Georges "Rush" St-Pierre. I've been a fan for a very long time. Whenever he or BJ Penn fights, we're always watching :) So I was stoked that GSP was fighting last night. I was ready for GSP to deliver one of the best fights of his career, but honestly the fight was so damn boring!! No action, whatsoever. What a disappointment! But I'm glad that GSP still holds the title & has that belt around his waist. Sorry to all you Jake Shields fans out there because he sucked. All that talk about Jake murdering GSP in the ring --HAHAHAHA yeah right. He murdered GSP's left eye & that was about it.

On a beauty note, I painted my nails this weekend. I tried some of my new Sinful Colors nail polish & discovered LOVE! If any of you follow me on Twitter then you'll see that I've tweeted this pic.

The camera didn't really pick up the glitter reflects on the purple nail polish but in person, it's so GORGEOUS!!!! I swear! I don't like wearing nail polish on my fingernails all that much but my toes are always painted. So of course, the purple nail polish is what I have on my toes right now. I can't wait to slap on the teal colors :) If you guys don't have these Sinful Colors n/p, I suggest you go out & get them. You won't regret it. The purples are 'I Love You' over 'Fig' and Teals are 'Nail Junkie' over 'Savage'

And last but not least I did my Sister's makeup for a photo shoot she had today. My Sister always wants neutral makeup but I thought she needed to jump the gun & go for something different. I made her rock a bold red lip. She was uncomfortable about it but I think she pulled it off well. What do yall think?? Sorry I don't have any up close photos but I'll be sure to post some pics of her photo shoot when it comes in!

So that pretty much sums up my weekend, in a nutshell. Pat just bought me Mortal Kombat today so I've been busy playing hehe. Any game fanatics up in here?? I was supposed to buy it last week but we got caught up doing other shit. Sometimes there's not enough hours in a day. Well, see yall in my next post :)

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