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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

End of the Month Diet Update

Wow, where should I start? The beginning of this month was great. I did manage to lose 7 lbs, but you guessed it, I gained it back. I don't know if this is muscle mass that I'm gaining or what? I still look the same & my clothes are still big so I have no clue.

Eating habits though have been a little haywire. I've been eating more rice than usual, been drinking more than usual & been sleeping A LOT. I have been working out on a daily basis though, sometimes twice or three times a day. Still on Insanity & just trying to get back into the habit of eating healthier. Not that I'm not eating healthy right now, it's just that I could do better.

I have been depending on the scale a lot too which is a bad thing. I am content with the way I look, but there's always room for improvement. I've decided to not depend on the scale anymore because it brings nothing but disappointment & it just discourages me because I don't see the numbers going down. Once they do go down, they go back up. How frustrating is that right?! I just told myself that as long as I'm healthy, that should be the only thing that should matter. I should be happy with how far I've come & how hard I've worked to get here, instead of getting mad at how long it's taking me to get the results that I want. Next month, I'm going to try to focus on being a more positive person about this & try not to beat myself up with my negative thoughts.

Just wanted to leave you guys with some before & after pictures. Do you guys notice a difference? This is kinda embarassing to post but I hope for those of you out there who are trying to get fit or lose some weight, I hope this motivates you :) Please click pictures to enlarge.


HeKeLa said...

Definatley see the difference...my cheeks and face are chubbier when I gain weight. and I notice when I loose my face is slimmer like yours. Your face has deff slimmed down, u look great! keep up the hard work!! xoxo

Jessi said...

I can see a difference, but you look beautiful in all those pictures.

It's definitely not easy eating healthy! But when you do you feel so much better. :)

KatXoXo said...

you don't need to loose a pound!!

Miss Tapia said...

I notice a difference. I gained 5 lbs these past few weeks because my bf is off of work due to an injury. I hate dieting but exercising doesn't bother me

maritessr. said...

Looking good girl! And good for you :) Losing weight and gaining muscle mass is always nice. You're keeping yourself healthy and fit, so that's always a good thing. What are your tips and what do you do?

Lisa said...

Hekela - Thanks doll :)

Jessi - Thank you! Eating healthier can definitely be a challenge but it's for the better.

KatXoXo - Awww, thanks.

Miss Tapia - Girl, I can gain 5 lbs in one day! Hahaha. As long as your exercising though, the weight will come off :)

Maritessr - You can read my post here: http://allthingslisaaa.blogspot.com/2011/04/weightloss-faqs.html