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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Haul & First Impressions (Hard Candy & Elf)

What it do blogspot? WOW, I haven't been here in almost a week. My apologies. First & foremost, thank you to all my old & new followers :) I seriously appreciate you all! I know I say that all the time, but it's because I really do ♥

Anyway, I'm back with a haul! I went shopping today & decided to pick up some stuff. I also wanted to get some prizes for my giveaway. I'm halfway there!! 43 more followers to go. Let's do this :) So we hit up Walmart & I found some goodies that I wanted to try.

Anyone tried this Aussie Deep Conditioner before? I just threw it in the cart after I read the instructions on the back of the bottle. It claims to "deep condition" dry/damaged hair in 3 minutes. Not that my hair is damaged but I wanted to try a different conditioner. So I'm gonna give this a try. If any of you have tried this product before, let me know what you think about it.

Of course, I had to pick up Never Say Never. I am such a sucker for Justin Bieber! Not in a perverted way. I just love his music & I think he is so adorable!! I've seen this movie a million times & I felt bad because I've been borrowing it from a 3 year old hahaha. So I decided that I needed to pick up a copy of my own.

I also picked up 2 blushes from Hard Candy. They're called "Fox in a Box." I got Hot Flash & Spicy and Sweet. A first impressions will be down below if you're interested on my initial thoughts on the product.

I also hit up my local Kmart & saw that they had more Elf products than usual so I picked up some prizes for my giveaway, some brushes, even their infamous eyelash curler!!! I wish they had more eyelash curlers in stock because I really wanted to give them away as a prize but unfortunately they only had 2 & I bought them both for me. LMAO. I'll check again next time.

First Impressions:
Hard Candy Fox in a Box Blush ($6 each, Walmart)
The packaging is cute. It has a magnetic closure at the top. The blush also comes with a tiny brush which I'll never use. I must say the brush is quite soft though but not the type of brush to be using to apply the blush. They swatched really chalky on my hand. I couldn't get the product to stay. Everytime I blended it, it would just disappear. I had to wait till I got home to use a different brush to apply the blush. They are pigmented & blendable when applied on my cheeks. It gave my cheeks a nice flush of color but I honestly don't know how I feel about them just yet so a review to follow after I have the chance to play with them more.

First Impressions:
Elf Brushes; Powder, Concealer & Contour ($1 each, Kmart)
Now these on the other hand, I do like. For $1, I have nothing bad to say about it. Of all the 3, the powder brush is my fave. It's really soft. You would think that for $1, they'd be generic quality but it's actually far from it. I've bought brushes from different brands that cost more than the Elf brushes & sucked!! There was a powder brush that I received with a Stila palette that was scratchy. I could never use it! I suggest you pick these brushes up if you ever run into them. They'll be worth your $1.

First Impressions:
Elf Eyelash Curler ($1 each, Kmart)
I've heard so many people rave about this, so when I saw it today I just had to pick it up. I was actually amazed that they even had it on the shelve!! My current eyelash curler is from Shu Uemera & there's no doubt about it that it's the best thing out there, BUT this Elf curler actually gets the job done which impressed the hell out of me. I have stick straight lashes & I was surprised to see how the curler curled them. The best thing about it besides the price was that it doesn't pinch when I curl. I recommend this product 100%!!!

And that's about it. Stay tuned for my giveaway. Still thinking of all the details. I'll be giving away a bunch of Elf products, some WnW products, even some Sinful Color nail polish and of course they'll be all brand new. Let's get my follower list to 100 :D


Miss Tapia said...

I love ELF products!

Dinorah ♥ said...

Glad to hear you liked the ELF brushes! I only have one.. It's an angled eyeshadow brush. But I admit I haven't seen it in months. I deem it misplaced, not lost lol But I remember I liked it alot too! I'm looking forward to your review on the rest of the Elf stuff. Hard Candy ehhh, I've never ever tried them. I always hear mixed reviews though! So I can't wait to hear what you think about their blush after playing with it.

& About the Naked palette. Idk lol I think the colors are really gorgeous! I think it's really good for neutral lovers & non-neutral lovers. The naked palette bandwagon is rolling hard though, right? Everyone & their mom has it Lol <3

Lisa said...

I think I'm the only person that doesn't have the Naked palette :( But seriously, I have so much neutral e/s that I don't think I should buy it. But I want it JUST BECAUSE. You know how that is hahaha.

But yes, I'll do a review on all the products. I hope nothing disappoints me >_<

Girl, get a twitter account so we can tweet :) Or do you already have one?

maritessr. said...

I love Elf brushes and you definitely cannot beat the price! :) I find it cute how you're a Justin Bieber fan hehe..anyway you've convinced me that I really need to get my hands on an Elf eye lash curler. Mines is rubbish! lol

Lisa said...

Yes, you have to get the curler. If I see any around, I'll buy them all just so I can give them away to my blog readers :)

I heard that Justin Bieber is on Maui. I wish I bumped into him coz that would make me the happiest girl in the world haha. I am such a huge fan of his music. Corny, I know but I can't help it lmao.

Rainy Days and Lattes said...

I really like the deep conditioner :) It smells wonderful!

Lisa said...

It does smell good & it works great, too :) And the price is unbeatable.

Michelle Xo said...

Fox in a box is my absolute favorite blush ever - I use the color "skinny Dipping" which is a peachy orange hybrid color and just about the best thing I have found for olive/warm toned skin. I love it!

I agree though I tried to use it w/ the brush provided for swatching and it seemed so chalky and had no pigmentation... but when used with my own blush brush it's amazing.

JC! :) said...

hi there, glad to see another hawaii beauty blogger. instant add, haha. anyway!

girl, i went to kmart waikele the other day looking for the elf eyelash curler and some blushes and they were out. i was so mad... so i went online to eyeslipsface.com and ordered there. i also use the shu uemura curler but am excited to try something new.

their website has way more options so if you wanna order, use vipship for free s&h for $15 and i think they have freeship for $25. save50 for 50% off your order. :p

Mara said...

If you like the ELF eyelash curler you're going to love the Forever21 eye curler. It last so much longer than the ELF one.

Anyways, Ive been staring at the HardCandy box blushes for awhile now and I really want to try one. Which one would you recommend of the two?

Lisa said...

JC - Give it up for Hawaii :) Haha. Thanks for following. I heard shipping takes a long time if you order off the website. That's why I haven't ordered YET. But I'll look around. Maybe I can pick up some blushes.

Mara - I didn't know F21 made eyelash curlers! I have to go check that out. TBH, Sweet & Spicy barely shows up on my cheeks. I live in Hawaii so I'm pretty much sunkissed all year round, even worse in the summer LOL. I like Hot Flash better because it shows up on my cheeks & it's really pigmented! I need to apply it with a stippling brush because it's so easy to go overboard with that color. For $6, you should give it a try :) I'm still playing around with them though & testing them out with different brushes to see what works best.