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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Stop bad habits (Tips & Tricks)

Today, I'm going to do a post on how to stay motivated on weight loss or you can base this upon anything in general. I honestly get a lot of people that ask how I stay motivated. In the beginning it was easy, but right now it's getting a little difficult. If you guys have been following me on Twitter or on this blog since last month when I created it, you'll know that I do a lot of posts on weight loss as a reminder to myself of all the hard work that I'm doing or have done & to tell myself to never give up.

In the beginning, our workout routines were HELL!! I mean, we spent hours in a day committing ourselves to the tennis courts, hiking, the gym & eating healthy. 3 months later, my workout partners reached their comfort zone. Obviously I'm not content yet so I continue to keep going but it's hard to keep yourself motivated when there's no one there to motivate or encourage you anymore. Working out by yourself gets boring & that's usually the reason why people quit or give up. But in all honesty, who the hell is gonna be there to help you get in shape? Drop the weight you always wanted to? Give you a better & healthier lifestyle? NO ONE BUT YOURSELF!! I have this "bitchy" type of mentality where I just don't give a shit sometimes & it gives people the impression that I'm better than them. Don't ever mistake my confidence for cockiness. So with that said, on to the tips & tricks on how I stay motivated :)

1. All it takes is about 30 minutes to an hour to exercise each day. When I get lazy, I tell myself that I'll have 23 hours left in the day to do whatever I want after I sacrifice an hour to workout. It works for the most part.

2. If that's not enough, I go to my bathroom & jump on the scale LMAO. Sounds corny but this doesn't fail me. Once I see the numbers on the scale, I remind myself of my goals & that usually takes me straight to my bedroom & I have an intervention with Shaun T :)

3. I go through my closet & find clothes that I want to fit in. If you can fit all your clothes in your closet then go shopping for clothes that are one size smaller. It's been years since I've been able to fit into a size small & so far I can fit only one thing in my closet that's a size small. Hey, that's a start!

4. I look through old pictures of myself (before I started working out) & remind myself how I don't ever want to go back, EVER!

5. Don't take negativity & people who love to run their mouths, to the heart. Again, you're doing this for yourself. Who cares what others think. Unless they have the body that you want, then by all means, listen to them. But if not, shake it off & keep working hard. You'll be in a better position than them in the long run. Infact, let their shit talking be your motivation!

6. Last but not least, when I get comments online or in person about me motivating someone to get in shape or do something about their weight, that's seriously all the motivation that I need to keep on going. I thank every single person who's encouraged me & supported me through this. If I can do it, so can you :)


Jessi said...

Great post! I just posted about my weight woes today too.

Thanks for sharing what keeps you motivated.

Lisa said...

No problem. I hope you found this helpful :)