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Monday, May 16, 2011

TAG: 100 things you probably didn't know about me

Sorry for another tag. I promise I'll get rollin' on other things. Anyway, I saw Lani do "30 things you probably didn't know about me" & since I have readers on my blog, this is a way you guys can get to know a few facts about me. I did 100 random facts about me on Twitter a while back & I'm gonna pull most of my info from there because it's kinda hard to think of 100 random facts about me, believe it or not. I tag everyone that reads this. Please inform me if you do this tag because I would love to read yours!

#100: When Pat runs his fingers through my hair repeatedly, I tend to fall asleep real quick.

#99: Everytime curiousity gets to me about something, I jump on Google to find the answer.

#98: My shoe size ranges between 6 1/2 - 8. I find that odd.

#97: I use to dance Hula & Tahitian but I stopped because my teacher was mean.

#96: If I like a song a lot, I'll listen to it on repeat all day & night till I get tired of it.

#95: When I walk on sidewalks, I avoid stepping on the cracks. I think I have a slight OCD issue hahaha.

#94: I'm addicted to Words With Friends. I can sit at home on my iTouch and play that the whole day. Trust me, I do it all the time. I learned how to play Scrabble a little over 3 months ago & since then, I've been on wwf everyday. Practice makes perfect :)

#93: I'd rather stay home & be bored than go to the club.

#92: My favorite fruit is Grapes. I like to eat the skin first then the fruit.

#91: I'm obsessed with the X-men Movies. I have all of them.

#90: I love Justin Bieber. Yes, I admit that I have Bieber fever :) I can listen to his music all day!

#89: I've only snorkeled once in my life & I enjoyed it. Surprising huh?

#88: I have really bad eyesight. My optometrist told me that I shouldn't be driving w/out my glasses coz it's illegal LOL.

#87: Working out has become an addiction. I can't stop & I won't stop.

#86: Camping disgusts me. I feel homeless when I go camping coz my skin gets super sticky. Bleh.

#85: My wrists are super flexible.

#84: I can do all 26 letters of the alphabet in sign language.

#83: I forgive very easily & I tend to give a lot of chances.

#82: I'm afraid of frogs. If I see one, Idk if I should run or stay in one place. I usually just freeze coz I'm so scared that I can't move.

#81: My pet peeve is when people get confused w/ their spelling. Example: their/they're/there/your/you're. FUCK! Get it right.

#80: I hate taking pics. I might seem like a camera whore but really, I'm not. i have to be in the mood to take pics.

#79: I don't know how to wash my car. I make Pat do it. However, I can clean the inside of my car like a pro!

#78: When I shop for clothes, if I like something, I tend to get them in every color.

#77: I could sleep the whole day if no one woke me up.

#76: If I see something Pink, I wanna buy it because it's Pink LMAO.

#75: I'm the nicest bitch. I'm really friendly to people who have respect & are open. If you're gonna give me attitude, then be prepared to get it back from me but 10x worse. IDGAF who you are. Just sayin' :) I really live by that saying "treat others how you want to be treated" & that's just how I do it. If you're nice then I'm nice, if you're bitchy to me then FUCK YOU! People honestly need to get to know me before they judge. That's all.

#74: I have the dumbest managers but the best co-workers.

#73: I'm one of those girls that don't care for handbags. I gave up that fetish a long time ago.

#72: I don't like receiving flowers on special occasions but I do appreciate it when I get them.

#71: I hate being short coz I can never find jeans that are the perfect length. They're always long, even when I use heels.

#70: I'm ambidextrious.

#69: I've learned to stop eating rice everyday. I eat rice 1-2 times a week or sometimes I actually skip weeks.

#68: I love sleeping naked. Hahaha. TMI.

#67: When I'm not dolled up, I get mistaken for being under 18 years old. That's a good thing right?

#66: I happen to think manly gay guys are SEXY ;)

#65: My favorite feature about myself is my butt coz I have a big booty for a Filipina girl haha.

#64: I placed 1st place (Top 10 in the world) on the Taptap Revenge app on iPhone to Katy Perry's Teenage Dream. My 1st run was 4th place. Of course there's always gonna be someone better than you, so they did beat my score :( I do have pictures to prove it though.

#63: My favorite sport is tennis. I prefer the brand Prince but I hit better with Babolat racquets.

#62: I make really good Chow Fun :)

#61: There's only a handful of people that I like talking to on the phone. Other than that, I'd rather text than talk.

#60: I'm so afraid of getting in the water at the beach that I only have one bathing suit which I've had for years.

#59: I don't really like Mexican food. No offense. The only thing that I care to eat is the salad in that deep fried tortilla shell. I think it's called a taco salad?

#58: I suck at applying nail polish so I tend to keep my toenails simple. Sometimes simple is better :) I can't paint my fingernails for shit & even if I could, I probably wouldn't paint them anyway. I can't stand my fingernails with nail polish on them. You'll barely see them painted.

#57: I love wild cats, especially tigers but could care less for regular cats.

#56: I only like driving if I'm driving someone else's car.

#55: I have a lot of scars coz I scar easily. If I scratch a mosquito bite, it will scar.

#54: I'm one of those girls that really take 3-4 hours to get ready because I'm indecisive.

#53: My sis & I are allergic to fake earrings. If we use them for a few hours, our ears turn red & start to itch.

#52: I have road rage. I hate it when people don't know how to drive. GTFO the road!! I seriously flick people off or roll down my window & say shit to them.

#51: I inherited my Mom's attitude & my Dad's impatience. My parents can't tolerate my attitude.

#50: Eminem & 2pac will always be the best rappers in my eyes.

#49: I owned over a thousand dollars worth of MAC makeup before I even knew how to apply eyeshadow. My BFF who is a MUA at MAC had to give me lessons lmao.

#48: I'm afraid of needles but I have tattoos & had many body piercings.

#47: I'm a little kid at heart. I love Hannah Montana. I watch the Disney Channel as much as I watch MTV!

#46: I get excited when we're driving on the Pali & I see whales.

#45: I hate being tagged in photos on FB coz I hate how it floods my wall.

#44: I eat my Pho without noodles. I order extra veggies instead. I don't like the noodles.

#43: I eat Balut but only the yellow part. I give the chick to Pat.

#42: I get motion sickness easily.

#41: I could eat at Ramen Ya every single day if I was given the chance.

#40: If I could marry anyone in the world besides my BF, I'd marry Trey Songz :)

#39: I hate the beach. I prefer to stay on shore & enjoy the beach that way than go in the water coz I'm scared of sharks.

#38: When I gave birth to Landon, I was in labor for 11.5 hours.

#37: I have the hardest time taking medicine when I'm sick. I can't stand the taste. I'd rather suffer sometimes than swallow that stuff.

#36: Swallowing pills makes me wanna puke. When I was pregnant with Landon, I refused to take my prenatal vitamins because I'd throw up everytime I did.

#35: I love the sound of turbo. It's music to my ears. I can't wait to get a different blow off valve for my car just for the noise hahaha.

#34: My dream car is a Mercedes SLR McLaren.

#33: I could never be a vegeterian. I have to eat some kind of meat everyday.

#32: I'm the eldest child out of 4.

#31: I don't like soda & I barely drink juice.

#30: The only time I like to dance is when I'm drunk haha.

#29: I've never been to the mainland.

#28: I'm blunt & most poeple don't like that about me, believe it or not.

#27: I have more guy friends than girl friends coz I don't trust most girls. Some girls can be so shady! Makes me wanna bitch slap someone :)

#26: I can understand Ilocano fluently but I speak it broken.

#25: I'm deathly afraid of heights!

#24: I don't know how to travel by air by myself. I'd get lost! How dumb huh? I've never spent much time in an airport because I have a fear of flying.

#23: My makeup collection is worth roughly around 15 grand but I gave & sold a lot of stuff because I wasn't using them anyway.

#22: I love working out to love songs haha. I like it. It relaxes me.

#21: I do the worst things to get back at people. I'm a bitch like that ;P

#20: I'm the most impatient person EVERRR.

#19: I'm a gamer. I play more video games than my boyfriend or in my household for that matter.

#18: My very first job was at Burger King LOL. I was 15 or 16 yrs. old. I can't remember.

#17: I learned how to drive standard by watching my friend's foot while he took me to school everyday.

#16: I taught Pat how to drive stick shift & after he perfected it, he taught me how to race.

#15: People younger than me taught me how to play poker & I got hooked on the game since then.

#14: I don't like Peanut Butter but I love Peanut Butter Banana Sandwiches, I hate ketchup but I love tomatoes, I love seafood but get grossed out at the thought of oysters & I HATE HATE HATE cheese and the only time I'll eat it is if I'm having Pizza. Yes, I'm weird like that ;P

#13: I'm a highschool drop out. I hated school. I went to school just to kick it with my friends. I do have a good paying job though.

#12: I tan hella fast but take FOREVER to get back to my regular skin tone.

#11: 98% of my clothes & heels are black. I try to venture out to different colors but I always come back to black.

#10: I have a high tolerance for alcohol. I get it from my Grandpa.

#9: I get a lot of compliments on my handwriting. Nice handwriting runs in the family (Mom's side), not to say that my Dad's side has ugly handwriting LMAO. Mom's side writes better for sure though.

#8: I have a ridiculous shoe fetish. I can't shake it off.

#7: I have super healthy hair :) You should've seen wtf my hair looked like back then. I wish I had a picture. I wouldn't mind embarassing myself just to show you guys how damaged it was LOL.

#6: I have very low tolerance for prissy bitches & I'm not afraid to slap a girl for being dumb. I always get into trouble.

#5: This is probably the most healthiest I've been in a very long time LOL.

#4: I had no waithelp experience prior to transferring to a server. I had to learn everything on my own.

#3: I love Sushi but I will not eat Unagi. I tried it once & I'm not ever eating eat again. It was disgusting!!!!!!

#2: Pat & I met for the very 1st time on the phone & got super close. That was back in the 7th grade.

Fact #1: In case u didn't know, my sis & I have the same bdays but we're born on different years. We're 5 years apart.


JC! :) said...

i share the following with you...

98 96 93 91 78 58 23 19

(yes i actually read them all lol)

Lisa said...

Hahaha that's nice to know that we got some things in common :)