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Friday, June 17, 2011

Expect The Unexpected: BLESSED ♥

If you folks don't follow me on Twitter or you guys missed the memo, I announced today on Twitter & Facebook that Pat & I were expecting.

We found out last night. I missed my period last month so I decided to take a test last night because I felt sick at work. The fact that I drink alcohol & smoke cigarettes at times was also a huge reason why I wanted to take a test just to be sure that if I was pregnant, I would have to stop all those things for the safety of the baby.

When I came home from work, I went straight to the bathroom & took the test. The second line was a bit faded but the fact that there were 2 lines just made me confused LOL. So I took a pic & sent it to my sister which then, she replied with "You're pregnant! Yayyyyyyy :)" I really couldn't believe it! I was in shock & pretty much in denial the whole night. Pat told his sister that night as well. The next morning, I decided to take another one & this time both lines were visible. HOLY COW! I called my Mom to tell her & she was cool with it. I left it up to her to tell my Dad all about it coz I just can't tell him LOL. I'm scared!! He just got the news a few days ago that my Brother's Girlfriend is pregnant as well & now his Daughter? Oh helllll. He must be stressing out or something LMAO. Telling our immediate family was not as stressful & scary as I thought it would be. Landon was mad at first but he kinda eased up on the situation as the day went by. He definitely wants a baby brother. He made us all vote LOL. I then took it to twitter & facebook to share the good news with more family & friends and I just can't believe how supportive & excited everyone is for us! I was nearly in tears from all the comments that we've got & everyone's kind responses. I love you guys all!!

So I guess I need to take it easy on the workouts. I am definitely gonna keep you guys posted. I have a new topic to blog about now: Pregnancy :) I am definitely trying to eat healthy still & gonna do some walking everyday so I don't gain too much weight coz I know I'm gonna need to put in overtime to lose all that weight all over again. Be on the look our for more pregnancy updates, posts & belly pictures!


D.Sadie said...

Congratulations!! =D I'm so happy for you. Lol. When I first found out I was pregnant I took five tests to make sure. Haha.


Lisa said...

Thank you so much! This is gonna be a journey for sure. Just need to confirm it with the doctors on Monday. If I could take 5 tests, believe me, I would =) hehe.

Hello, Bombshell! said...

congratulations!!!!! how exciting!!! <33

Miss Tapia said...


Meredith Jessica said...

Oh my gosh! That's such amazing news! Congratulations. I'll look forward to hearing about your updates even more now.

And thanks again for the amazing giveaway! You're like pretty much my favorite person right now.

xoladiihoneyxo said...

ahh! So happy for you dear =D Yeah, don't do intense workout but walking like 30minutes to an hour is fine... keep the weight off but still gain a little because of the baby c[= easier to lose after birth. Maybe get a treadmill at home and just walk on it while watching tv and walk around outside to feel the nice weather if not raining a hurricane. haha. I think your dad will go nuts.... lol.

Osha said...

How exciting!! I'm pregnant as well 5 wks & 5 days. I wish you best with your pregnancy. I'm looking forward to your future pregnancy posts. =]

Lisa said...

Thank you so much, ladies <333

Meredith - You're welcome! Congratulations on being a winner for my giveaway & thanks for entering!

xoladiihoneyxo - Thanks for the tips :) I will definitely try to get a lot of walking done. I want to gain healthy weight LOL.

Osha - Yay, Congratulations to you as well! I would love for you to keep me updated with your pregnancy!

Wifezilla Hekela said...

How exciting!! So happy for you! congrats to you, Pat and Landon!! xoxo

Lisa said...

Thanks Hekela :D