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Monday, June 13, 2011

I'm back :) Update & Mini Haul

I've been missing, I know, I know :( My bad. I really like to take some time off on the weekends & just enjoy it with my family & friends. This weekend was a blast! All we did was eat LMAO. The weekend is our time to just eat & be careless about our food choices. It's not a bad thing :) As long as you're willing to get yo ass in check with working out once the weekend is gone, it's all good :)

So on Friday, we went shopping. Pat offered me a shopping spree at MAC & I said no! I honestly don't know what the hell possessed me to say NO. I don't regret it though. I have so much makeup, most of them just sit there collecting dust. I'm actually out of storage for my makeup so I need to figure something out soon! I think it's about time to call my Sister over to come makeup shopping at my house again LOL. I honestly didn't buy anything at the mall. That has got to be the first! Then we headed to Walmart & instead of looking for something to buy, I stayed in the car & slept while Pat took Landon & his niece Ryenne shopping. Later that night we headed to our friends house. Just another night that turned into a drunken morning LOLOLOL. Fun times!

On Saturday, we had family time <3 We took Landon to the beach because that's one of his favorite places to be! I tell you, that kid could stay in the water forever!! We took Pat's nephew along with us. He's so adorable! He's a little over a year old & he loves the water! They reside in Texas so they have no beaches there. i'm glad that he's not afraid of the water. After the beach, Pat took Landon & I to see X-Men. Oh man, I can't explain the love I have for X-Men. I am seriously a sucker for anything Marvel Comics, especially the X-Men movies. X-Men The Last Stand, hands down is the best movie from all the X-Men movies. Nonetheless, it was a good movie though! After that we had dinner at some Asian restaurant here in Lahaina. I'm kinda bummed that they have new owners now because the food quality has change but the Pad Thai was awesome!!! Landon & I were supposed to share & I'm surprised he ate most of it.

Pat ordered some Oyster shooters & let me say that they were good. I'm not a huge fan of Oysters but he told me to try one. I loaded that thing with lemon, soy sauce & tabasco then ate it with a chopstick LMAO. It was so yummy though!

And on our way home, this is what our view was like. It is definitely summer time :) I love how the sun sets late during the summer! This was taken around 7:40pm.

Then today before we headed to work, we did some shopping. Nothing exciting. I picked up a few things. I picked up some nail polishes for myself & to give away when I hit 100 followers. They're duo-chrome which is pretty cool. I also picked up a new face primer & I found one by Hard Candy. I'm almost out of my Rimmel Primer so I needed to get a new one but it's so hard to find it here now days. They're always sold out :( The Hard Candy primer seems pretty promising though. Kinda reminds me of a imitation version of the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer. Then I got more Elf stuff to give away to you guys! :) The Elf stand had a really shitty ass selection though. Booo! It was practically empty! I also got this storage because I needed to make space for my makeup & I wanted something that I could store all my frequently used makeup in. It was only $12.99 & I love how I can just take this whole thing to the bathroom with me when I do my makeup.

I am seriously inseperable from all these products & brushes. I use them all the time! Of course, my eyeshadows needed to be stored somewhere else because they're not gonna fit in here.

For lunch, we headed to Dragon Dragon. I love this place! I always go there for the same food LOL. The food is sooo good, including the Hot Tea that they serve. We had Hot & Sour soup. By far this place has the best soup I've tasted. We also had their Deep Fried Sweet & Sour Fish Fillets & House Noodles with Seafood. Yuuuummmm!

That's pretty much what my weekend was like. I didn't want to go to work because I was exhausted but you know Mama needs to make that dough to support my crazy shopping addictions/habits :D So how was your guys' weekend?


Meredith Jessica said...

I envy both your makeup organization and collection. I have some organization but nothing like that. Jealous! Looks like you had an amazing weekend and some amazing food!

Jessi said...

Wow, we could totally hang. I love spending my weekend eating (though I never get my ass back in check...)

AND I love anything Marvel too. Glad you had a great weekend! :)

Lisa said...

Meredith - I have the worst organization skills ever LOL. Thanks though! I swear, my makeup is just all over the place.

Jessi - X-Men + food = Happy Us :) Yeah, I could totally hang with anyone who loves that combo.

JC! :) said...

Looks like you had a great time. I saw XMen too with my hubby and loved it. Also I remember you telling me about how you declined a MAC spree!!! Girl, you are crazy. Haha, jk. Actually I am with you on the whole having-too-much thing. Most of my collection is just collecting dust too. :(

Great food photos, and also, let us know when/if you find a new storage solution.

Lisa said...

JC - Will do :) But I am seriously the most un-organized person when it comes to organizing my makeup. I just throw everything in plastic drawers LOL.