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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Mini Milani Haul

So today, I went to Walgreens in search of storage containers to put some of my junk in. I found some plastic holders at Walgreens in the kitchen department. They were super cheap. I think it was $1.79 for a pack of 3. So I got 2 of them. When I got home, some things just weren't working out for me. The drawers couldn't fit all my stuff! Hahaha. I managed to use a few of the drawers though. I had to! I just needed to free as much space as I possibly could. My makeup drawers are a huge mess! I can't begin to even tell you guys how messy, cluttered & un-organized I am when it comes to stashing my makeup. They're seriously all over the place.

Before all of that though, you know I walked straight to the makeup department once I walked through those doors. As I was walking around, a nail polish caught my eye. I saw this beautiful red color just screaming my name. I definitely picked it up. I'm really thinking of going to pick up 2 more to giveaway as part of my '100 followers' giveaway. I don't know why I didn't get it today?! LOL. The nail polish is by Sinful Colors in the color Ruby Ruby. Then I bumped into Milani :) Oh heyyyyyy! You know I was all over that! Such a disappointment though because they were out of liquif'eye liners. They only had the brown one in stock so I picked that up. I was stoked to see that they had it in Walgreens because I've never seen them there before, till today. I'm telling you, I'm getting all the colors!! These liners shit on any liner out there. Well, that's my opinion atleast haha. I was overly excited to also see the Baked Blushes there! Ahhhhhhhhhh *screams* I've heard so much about these babies & wondered to myself when was I ever gonna see them around. The makeup gods finally answered my prayers today. I wanted them all today but opted to only pick up the most "popular" ones. I got Fantastico Muave, Corallina & Luminoso. I hear everyone rave about these so I was happy that I was able to get my hands on them. They're so pigmented so be careful when applying. Use a light hand or use a stippling brush.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! After re-arranging some things in our room, this is what my makeup area looks like... for now.

I can say it looks so much better than what it looked like before. I completely forgot to take "before" photos "/ I really wish all my makeup could fit on this shelf but sadly, a lot of my makeup is tucked away in my traincase & shoved in other places LOL. That white container is so filled. Everything is so compact in there. Talk about no room to breathe. This shelf used to hold all my lotions & perfumes. It now holds my makeup, nail & hair products. Don't mind the MAC face chart hehe. I did that about 4 or 5 years ago??


D.Sadie said...

Great swatches. I like the eyeliner and Fantastico Muave! Beautiful color. =) lol, damn! you got lots of makeup, girl! Haha.


Miss Tapia said...

I love Sinful Colors! I have to try any Milani products but I keep hearing about them. I wish I had so much makeup I didn't know where to put it.lol

JC ♔ said...

I like your makeup storage area now. I think it's cute. I'm in search of a better solution too. I bought a vanity but it's still all over the place. Grr.

And yay, I love Milani's baked blushes. They look so pretty on you.


lol I'm such a neat freak...but when it comes to makeup goodness! sometimes they're everywhere when I'm in a rush to get ready and no matter how nice and organized you make them, they always end up being a mess again. But props to you! Haha...hey, scan that face chart I wanna see!!!

Meredith Jessica said...

This is a little off topic but since its a Milani post, what was the name of that incredibly pigmented and long lasting black Milani pencil you blogged about a while back? I meant to write it down for my makeup wishlist but forgot.

Well done on the storage organization. I look forward to the day when I need a whole shelf to organize my stuff.

Wifezilla Hekela said...

SWEET! I am yet to pick up Luminoso..I dont have it yet..BUT I should add it to my collection since I got all of em but two..lol

Vicky said...

This is a great post, I struggle for storage for my make up so badly, I always buy quite small make up bags & put different things in each - but never thought to just get a much bigger storage thing - i might go look for make up cases now!


Lisa said...

Kristel - No scanner lol.

Meredith - It's the Milani Liquif'eyed eyeliner in Black.

Hekela - You should go get it. A girl can never have too much makeup :)

Vicky - Try office supply stores. There's some office supplies that are good for storage, as well as kitchen supplies.