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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Small Haul & The Weekend

Hey guys! I'm back with a mini haul & an update on how my weekend went. This weekend, I got to chill with family members & friends that I haven't hung out with in a while so that was awesome!

First things first though, BABY UPDATE! Yay! LOL.

I took this picture last week, right after I came home from the gym. I go to the gym usually after work & walk a few miles on the treadmill. Nothing too hard. I just take it easy but I have to admit that I get super tired, really fast! I really can't believe how fast my stomach is growing! My belly is showing way quicker than I could have ever imagined. I don't remember showing this quick when I was pregnant with Landon. I don't know how far along I am just yet but I'm gonna take a guess & say that I'm roughly around 9 weeks now. I could be wrong though. I'm just really excited to get an ultrasound, get our due date & all that good stuff done on Friday. I can't wait!!! What's even more exciting is that Landon gets to share this whole experience with Pat & I ♥. Now that's amazing!!!!

What gender do you think our baby will be? Put your responses below! I would love to see what you guys are thinking :)

I am just blessed & honored to have the amount of blog readers I have right now. I honestly had no idea that people would actually want to read my blog & be interested in what goes on in my life hahaha. So in return, I'd like to share an item that I'm loving for the month with you guys. At the end of every month, I'll do a post on a "beauty" item that I'm loving that month & give a brand new product away. Makes sense? LMAO. So for example, if I'm loving Mac's Soft Brown eyeshadow, then I'll give a brand new one away at the end of the month to one lucky person. All you have to do is comment on that specific blog post. More details to come soon. If you guys think this is a good idea to try some of my favorite products, both drugstore & high end, please leave me some feedback & let me know. If not, we can just skip this.

Soooo, Friday was a fabulous day. We hit up the mall because I was in search of a cute maxi dress to use to a beach party on Saturday. I was so annoyed because I couldn't find anything that I wanted. No beauty products, footwear or clothes. I actually picked up a simple black cardigan to bring around with me all the time because I'm always cold & some flats from wetseal which were comfortable. Sorry no pictures of those though. Then I hit up Macy's to look around. I bumped into a sales associate who was passing out samples of Justin Bieber's perfume "Someday". I had no idea he made a fragrance for women. I smelled it & totally fell in love. It actually smells good! It has notes of Mandarin, Juicy Pear, Wild Berries, Jasmine, Creamy Florals, Vanilla, Soft Musks. It was $55 for the largest bottle. I love the cap of the bottle. It's pink!!! It also has a keychain in the back of the bottle that's detachable so you can hook it on whatever you wish :)

Then as I was checking out, I saw Beyonce's Heat Rush perfume. I smelled it & it smelled soooo amazing that I also bought it :) I got the gift set which came with the full sized perfume, a bag & the lotion. They were selling the gift set for $59 which is the same price as the perfume alone. Steal! This perfume has notes of Orange, Orchid, Mango, and a Rio Sunset Musk. I took this picture the day after I bought it so you can see that I've already used the lotion.

I don't want the bag though so I'm gonna give it away. If you want it then just comment on this post with your name & email address. I'll pick someone at random. I'll give you guys until Friday, July 1st to enter. You can definitely use this bag as a makeup bag to hold some of your makeup or brushes. I have a lot of makeup bags so I don't need this. I honestly have no use for it so I just wanna give it away to someone who will make good use of it :)

That is it for my mini haul. Boring? I'm sorry hahaha.

Later that night, we headed to my parents' house for dinner. I requested that my Daddy cook me some Oxtail Stew. OMG, I love the way he makes his Oxtail. When I was pregnant with Landon, I use to crave it all the time. My Dad is such an amazing cook. I can never duplicate the way he makes his dishes. They just don't taste the same so I always look forward to dinner at their house coz I know it'll be BOMB! When we get there, to my surprise, my Dad made my two favorite dishes ever. He had Oxtail ready & Sinigang. For those of you who don't know what Sinigang is, it's a Filipino soup dish. Depends on who cooks it, the dish may contain beef, pork or fish in it with vegetables. I was in food heaven!! My tummy & baby was really happy, I'm sure.

Do you guys like the way my Dad cuts his watermelon? They're super sized!! LOL. After dinner, we had a karaoke contest hahaha. My Dad put up some money & told us to sing karaoke. Whoever had the highest score would win the money. It was so hilarious because we had ties & were pretty much trying hard to beat eachother's scores lol. In the end, my Sister & I had to split the money. I honestly had a higher score but my Sister is such a Daddy's girl that he made us split. Spoiled brat! Hahaha. But nonetheless, it was such a fun night! My Dad was nearly in tears because he was just really happy to see all his children & grandchildren just having a good time at their home. My Mom got there late. She had to work but it was okay because we got to spend a little bit of time with her. I love my Parents. They are nothing short of amazing!!!

On Saturday, we headed to my god son's 5th birthday party at the beach. It was nice to see friends that we haven't hung out with in a long time. The highlight of the party though were these guys. . .

OMGGGGGGGG! They were soooo cute & adorable! These Jack Russell puppies were so friendly & playful too. I was holding them most of the time & playing with them. I remember how my dog Nismo used to be as small as these puppies. Nismo could fit in the palm of my hand & I really miss that!! It really brought back a lot of memories of when Nismo was a puppy. I couldn't put these pups down! I asked Pat if we could get another puppy & he said NO :( Wahhhh.

Finally today, we got to hang out with Pat's cousins. Chayce was here!! Chayce is Pat's cousin's son. I call him my BFF because we get along so well! He is the most happiest baby. He smiles at every little thing & he is sooo handsome! We had the privelage of having a family day at the beach today. We got rained on for a while but the sun eventually came out & we got to enjoy the day in the water & catching fishes & crabs for the kids. I was so exhausted when I got home that I knocked out as soon as I got out of the shower. Patrick's newphew Cruz has been keeping me on my toes lately, too. They're staying over the house for the whole summer so I get to refresh my memory on how to handle a toddler all over again LOL.

I present to you, my BFF Chayce :) Isn't he so adorable? He's posing with his Uncle Jao. He's so heavy though! He's one chubby baby.

And this little guy is Pat's nephew Cruz. He's always with me. When I get up in the morning, he'll play with me. Whenever he knows I'm going out, he cries to follow me. If I'm holding him, he won't go down. Hahaha. He's another happy baby. He just keeps to himself & does his own thing. His name fits him coz all he does is "cruise" :)

That's pretty much my weekend. Sorry for the long post! Thanks for reading though! And, I'm almost at 100 followers. Let's get there ladies so I can do a giveaway :D


Widdlesh said...

Ahaha, Sinigang at Nilaga? FAVORITE ko talaga! :DDD

D.Sadie said...

OM! Your bump is so cute! I'll say girl. =D I really love the JB perfume bottle. It's so cute. And lastly, YUM! I want oxtail stew now.. Haha.


Meredith Jessica said...

I think you should have titled this post, cute overload! Puppies AND babies. I can't deal!

The Michelle Show said...

Your little belly is soo cute! And that Oxtail stew looks delicious.. my Dad is a great cook too but I hardly ever get to eat his cooking anymore!

I think you're going to have a boy, because EVERYONE that I know (in real life and blog life) had/is having boys this year.

Wifezilla Hekela said...

OMG! Oxtail Soup, havent had that in a while...Might have to bring that one back!! lol. Glad you had a great weekend!! You are lookin pregofabbulous! Every pregnancy is different, so you have to keep an open mind to it being another boy ;) lol...BUT I hope things even out for you and you get a girl..GIRLS Rock!!


I'm from Kahului ;] BTW, Congrats! I'll guess that you're gonna have a girl.

I recently got my COSMO mag. and they had the smelly page for Justin Bieber's perfume and I thought it smells so good as well. I thought for a second that it was Lola by Marc Jacobs because of the design of the bottle. Now I'll have to go check those out and the Beyonce perfume @ Macys. And that baby looks sooo familiar. Christine's baby right?

Lisa said...

Kristel - Yes, that's Christine's son. My boyfriend's cousin is engaged to her. Small world huh? How do you know her?

But definitely go check out the perfumes. I hope you like them!