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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Coastal Scents 88 Palette Swatches + Review

I know this is probably old news but I really want to rant & rave about these 88 palettes that you can find on several websites such as Coastal Scents, BH Cosmetics, Sedona Lace & Ebay just to name a few. Of course prices vary, depending on which website you go to. I'm sure the palettes are similiar but not exactly the same. I don't have 88 palettes from all websites so I can't compare them to eachother.

However, I can say that these palettes are awesome in pigmentation, very afforadable & multi-purpose. The shadows are dime sized but they will go a long way. I previously owned the 88 matte palette (before I gave it to my sister) & there was this one neutral color that I tried to use up & unfortunately was unsuccessful. I dented it but wasn't able to use it all up. One downfall, is that some of the colors do stain your eyelids, like the really dark, pigmented colors such as the reds & blues. I don't really mind it because it's not that noticeable after you remove your eye makeup but I thought that I'd throw that in there. Some colors can be really chalky, especially the matte colors but if you do use a shimmery base, you shouldn't have a problem. As far as blending the shadows, these blend pretty well & effortlessly. Of course, matte colors need a tad more work than satin or shimmer shadows.

My favorite palette is definitely the warm palette. Although it lacks pigmenation in the pictures, they're really pigmented in real life. I thought I would've loved the 88 matte palette because I fell in love with that the first time I got it & I love color! I am definitely not a "neutral" makeup useer at all. But I got to use the warm palette this past weekend & just fell in love with all the colors & textures. It's such a gorgeous palette & I already know that I'm going to be using this palette a lot.

Not sure what palette to get? I highly recommend getting the 88 matte or 88 shimmer palette only because these two palettes have a mixture of colored & neutral eyeshadows. If you're a beginner, these palettes are great for you because you can definitely use this palette to venture out from neutrals into color. These palettes are awesome for beginners or for advanced users to use in their kits. Please visit the websites mentioned above for prices. FYI: I am not affiliated with Coastal Scents.

Now on to some swatches. I got a request from Miss Tapia to do some swatches of the Coastal Scents palettes that I recently purchased off their website. I really tried to swatch all colors in all 3 palettes that I own & it wasn't successful :( It would have taken forever! So I kept it simple & just swatched random colors in each row just to show you guys the pigmentation of these shadows. I hope this helps. I suck at swatching so I do apologize. I will be posting FOTD's using these palettes though so stay tuned for those :)

For reference, I am NC43-NC44 in MAC foundation & these pictures were taken in direct sunlight. They were swatched on my forearm without a base. Click pictures to enlarge!


D.Sadie said...

Those colors are so pretty and pigmented! If I didn't have my BH Cosmetics palettes I would want to try these. =)


LOVE JOICE said...

Following you dear! thank you xx Joice

Miss Tapia said...

Thanks for swatching them! I NEED to get this! haha

Jessy said...

i luv these palettes too..all of mine are from CS...but i think on ebay it is way cheaper, and alot of times the seller throws in extra stuff all the time

Great swatches btw~~~



I looooove the 88 palettes <3 I have them stored away somewhere because I don't find myself using it too often. But I totally forgot how amazing the colors were...now if I could find them lol.

BeautyBehaved said...

amazing swatches very vibrant!
THANKS for following,
i love checking out new blogs & yours is fabulous,
congrats on the pregnancy prayers to you & yours(:
-following back

<3 BB

penelope_amor said...

Wow! So pigmented!!! ... I'm totally gonna have to get some Costal Scents Palettes. I really love that Matte one.