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Friday, July 22, 2011

Mini Makeup Haul

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Just a small haul today from Walmart. I see everyone talking about this Falsies mascara so I had to give it the go. I've already tried it once I got home & the results look promising. I'm gonna test it out for another week or two & give you guys my review on it.

That WnW lipstick color is so gorgeous! I did a swatch of it tonight but the pic just doesn't do it justice. I will post it below to show you what it looks like on my hand though. I couldn't swatch it on the lips because the lighting is terrible at this time of the night. I don't remember the name of the lipstick because the names are printed on the plastic packaging that protects the lipstick so once you take it off, the name is gone. It was something like Plum Fairy?? LOL, I think?

Last but not least, that angled contour brush. It was $5 I believe. It is so soft!! I just had to pick it up because of how soft & inexpensive the brush was. I will test it out for a few weeks & report back to you guys.

That's it for today. I will post a tutorial once I get back from Lanai. I wanted to post it today but I really need to get some shut eye because I need to be up bright & early tomorrow morning because we're leaving for Lanai :) Talk to yall when I get back. In the meantime, Tweet ME :D


D.Sadie said...

great haul! I've been eyeing out that mascara. lmk how you like it. =)

Dinorah ♥ said...

That wnw lipstick is beautiful! It looks alot darker & scarier in the lipstick but the swatch is super gorgeous! Great haul! I'm looking forward to what you think of the Falsies mascara! I see a lot of girls loving it. I think I might be the one person it didn't work out for lol

Lisa said...

I'll do a review in a week or two :)

Dinorah - The l/s is pretty! It's the lipstick version of MAC's Hothouse l/g. Looooooove.