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Monday, July 11, 2011

Nails of the Week

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These colors have nothing to do with summer & frankly, I don't care ;P I don't even like my fingernails painted because I suck at applying nail polish. I always have have my toenails painted though & since my nail polish collection is growing, I thought that I'd put it to use by painting my fingernails every so often.

I was inspired by Jillian's video (click here to view) & how she did her awesome gradient nail tutorial. I am completely obsessed with Sinful Colors Ruby Ruby Nail Polish & I just couldn't wait to give it some play so this is what I came up with it. ENJOY :)


Meredith Jessica said...

Omg, what an interesting take on the classic red nail. So sexy! They remind me of these little money envelopes my boyfriend gets from his Chinese relatives on special occasions. Red with just a hint of gold.

Miss Tapia said...

Very cute! Have you tried any new polishes from Sinful Colors?

Lisa said...

Miss Tapia - I just bought 15 of them sometime last week. Haven't had the chance to use them all yet though.

Elba said...

I like that you said that you don't care that this nail color has nothing to do with summer! I like to wear colors I like to wear year round regardless of the season!

Lisa said...

Elba - When it comes to certain things, I don't like to follow the trend. Sometimes, I like being the outcast :)