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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Pregnancy & FOTD

Today was such a good day. I got up bright & early this morning. I actually woke up way earlier than I usually do. I guess I was extremely excited for what the day was going to be like.

We headed to the doctors for our first ultrasound. What makes this pregnancy so exciting for me is that we get to share everything with Landon. The whole idea of him tagging along with us & getting to hear the baby's heartbeat & seeing the baby in ultrasounds is mind blowing. He's already announcing to the world that he's getting a baby brother. Hahaha he's so silly. It obviously to early to tell.

Anyway, Doc said that everything was good :) I am 8 weeks along. My estimate was pretty close. I was a little ahead of myself but it's okay. My expected due date is on February 10, 2012. Any February readers on my blog?? Holla! It was such an experience for Pat, Landon & I. I was nearly in tears! I wanted to post some ultrasound pictures but they came out pretty dark so maybe next time ;)

After a half day of just lounging around & napping, we headed out to dinner to celebrate our friend's birthday. We had dinner at Pat's working place. Pat's working place has the best sushi so I was kinda bummed that I wasn't able to enjoy most of the sushi items on the menu. I went as far as asking my doctor today if I could have just a small amount of Ahi (tuna) in sushi & he said "absolutely not". What a heartbreaker LOL. I was able to have a Shrimp Tempura roll though & a roll they call Mahmay roll but I asked for the tuna to be taken out on that one. It had crab, avocado & some other stuff, all wrapped in soy paper. It was yummy!! For my entree, I shared a Kurobota Pork Chop with Pat. It was freckin' amazing!! It was cooked perfectly & the glass noodles it came with was so damn good. We couldn't finish it though so we took some home. Dessert however, was the icing on the cake. The chef gave us 2 complimentary platters of desserts which included a 4 layer Chocolate Cake, Coconut Creme Brulee & Sweet Potato Cheesecake. Talk about a food coma!!

And of course, here's the FOTD :)

-Hard Candy Primer
-Revlon Colorstay & Revlon Photo Ready Foundations mixed
-MAC MSFN in Dark
-WnW Goddess Bronzer
-Milani Corallina Baked Blush

-NYX Jump Pencil in Milk
-MAC Royal Assets: Smokey Eyes Palette
-MAC Carbon e/s
-MAC Ricepaper e/s
-Milani Liquif'eyed e/l in Black
-Bes' Kine Lashes Y-1

-EOS lipbalm
-MAC Buerre l/l
-MAC Cherish l/s
-MAC Baby Spark d/g
-MAC Lovechild l/g

-Nudy Brown
Get them here

Gonna re-do this look using all drugstore products so stay tuned for that! See yall in my next post :) Btw, 6 more followers till I hit the big 100! That means so much to me! You guys are the best <3


PrincessJasmine said...

sushi looks good but dont eat to much while your pregnant

Miss Tapia said...

Congratulations once again =)


This really made me think about how special it is to have children. I can't wait to start my own family. You look gorgeous btw! And the sushi & dessert looks so delish!

charlene-ann said...

congrats loveee! I hope everything goes well with the pregnancy which im sure it will!!! LOVE the look you created here :)

Osha said...

Aww! I'm due 4 days after You. =]