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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Pregnancy Update: 11 Weeks

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I am almost at the 12 week mark! How time flies! When I tell a lot of people how huge I'm getting, they think I'm overreacting. Really, I'm not. I don't remember showing as quick as I am right now. I feel 5 months pregnant LMAO! My stomach is pretty big for almost 3 months, atleast IMO. I've grown since the last time I took a belly shot which was around 8 weeks.

Can you guys see the difference?

So let's see what I've been up to the past few weeks of pregnancy. Cravings? Nothing in particular. In the beginning it was Spinach & Colby Jack Cheese Omelettes. I haven't had those in a while though. I know I've been craving noodles a lot, but what's new? I crave those regardless if I'm pregnant or not LOL. Well maybe I crave Nectarines a little more than I usually do. I don't like them soft though. They need to have that 'crunch' to them or I won't eat them. Nobody said that pregnant women were easy to please haha.

As for my symptoms, well, I've been soooooooo exhausted! Every morning when I eat breakfast, I feel the need to fall asleep right away. I try not to because that's how you gain HELLA weight. I honestly can't stay up. I'm just lazy & tired. That sucks because it interferes with my ability to workout. I try my best to go walking when I can but the laziness makes everything 10x harder. It's said that fatigueness tends to die down during the second trimester. I hope so. If so, I'll be incorporating more exercise into my daily schedule. Work is also getting a little harder even though I'm still in my first trimester. The backaches are starting to take a toll on me. If there's 2 things I absolutely despise about being pregnant, they are: BACKACHES & the 1 million bathroom breaks you take in a day. I promise you though, the payoff is rewarding!

As for weight gain, I've gained 6 pounds so far -- or atleast that's what our bathroom scale tells me every morning ;P I can tell that I've gained some weight. It shows on my face LOL. My clothes has also gotten tighter. DUH! It's really snug around my belly area. I don't plan on buying any maternity clothing. I'm just gonna wear loose, flowy dresses/clothing :)

I have another check up coming up on Friday. I can't wait. I will update you guys with more photos & info soon! And if any of you are expecting Mothers, download the Baby Bump app if you have a droid or iPhone. I love that app. I'm on it daily :) See you guys in my next post.


Faye Gregorio said...

its really hard to control weight gain while pregnant. well, goodluck to our pregnancy. Yes, Im preggy too, 5months. :D take care of urself and the baby!

The Michelle Show said...

Hey, you're only 3 weeks ahead of me! I'm coming up in 8 weeks right now haha. Thankfully I'm not showing at all - but my waist line has totally dissappeared which is annoying. My sides are just straight up and down now!

I have actually LOST 3lbs but that is because I have been sick as a dog and hardly able to eat anything besides cucumbers, plain noodles with salt and corn on the cob. SUPER NUTRITIONAL lol.

I would gladly take your 6lbs for a few days without throwing up. Trade?

D.Sadie said...

omg you baby bump is sooo cute!

Miss Tapia said...

Cute belly!!!!!


Meredith Jessica said...

Wow, that bumb is getting so big! Good luck with the fatigue and backaches, I hope they ease up soon!


awww that's a really cute bump! haha...i really think pregmant women are so gorgeous <3

Jessika xo said...

Insanity? That sounds like a scary workout! haha but yayyy for pregnancy =) Hope it's going well for you!