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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

3 weeks only!

Click HERE to be entered to win:

-(1) Sigma travel E25 brush
-(1) Choice of MAC eyeshadow/lipstick or lipgloss
-(1) Wet n' Wild Beauty Bag (comes with eyeshadow trio, eye liner, lip gloss & mascara)
-Various highend & drugstore products. (Full size & some samples)

Open for 3 weeks only. For my blog followers ONLY! International followers are welcomed. You may enter more than once.

Sunday, August 28, 2011


Product name: Sigma E25
Purchased at: Sponsored by Sigma for review purposes.
Product price: $9.00 for full size brush
Review time: 4+ weeks

Product claims: Oval-shaped brush with gently chiseled sides. Blends and softens the look of powder or cream shadows. Ideal to apply eye shadow primer, base eye shadow colors, and blend harsh lines.

What product has done for me: Everything it claims.

Would I re-purchase? Yes.

If you're familiar with MAC's #217 blending brush, well here's an alternative & cheaper version of it. It looks exactly the same & performs almost the same. I say almost because I find that MAC's version of this brush is a little more dense & packs on color a lot better. However, with Sigma's version, it does a great job especially for the price that you're paying for. It blends shadows well, the bristles are soft and delicate on the eyes, & is $13.50 cheaper than the MAC one. Because the bristles are white, they can get stained if you use bright eyeshadows. I don't mind that at all. Brushes are meant to get dirty. I find myself reaching for this brush when I want to apply color to the outter corner of my eyes or to blend harsh lines that other blending brushes can't blend out. I will be giving away a brush just like this to ONE lucky blog follower of mine. Please read details below.

OPEN TO EVERYONE. This giveaway will be open until Sunday, September 18, 2011. I will choose winners via random.org. Sigma Beauty will be mailing out the brush to the winner.

I forgot to include this when this post originally went up but I will include other prizes as well. Winner will also receive:
-(1) Choice of MAC eyeshadow/lipstick or lipgloss
-(1) Wet n' Wild Beauty Bag (comes with eyeshadow trio, eye liner, lip gloss & mascara)
-Various high end & drugstore products.

1. You must be a blog follower ( I will check)
2. For followers under 18 years of age, you must have a parent or guardian's permission to give your home address to me if you win.
3. Copy & paste questions below into the comment box & fill out with your info. Do not leave any questions un-answered because I will not count that as an entry. Enter & comment only on this particular blog post. Must provide a valid email address.

Name (GFC):
Blog link:
Did you place banner on your blog?
Email Address:
What is your favorite makeup brush?

***Additonal entries: Place this banner somewhere on your blog with a link to http://allthingslisaaa.blogspot.com (+2 entries)

I will be contacting the winners via email address provided. I will also do a blog post announcing the winners. The winners have 48 hours to contact me. If not, another winner will be chosen.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Similac Makeup Bag?!?!

Pregnancy Update:
I am now 4 months along. I haven't gain any weight since my last check up which was roughly about 3 weeks ago but I have gained 7 lbs overall. I'm content with that :)

Baby was being really stubborn today. It took a while for the doctor to find baby's heartbeat but I'm glad she said that baby's heartbeat sounds great!

So with that being said, I received a Similac bag from the doctor's office. I really didn't care for it until the receptionist told me that I could use it as a makeup bag. Once I opened it up, I was like woooooow! It's so spacy & you can definitely fit a bunch of things in there! It's great for travelling even though it looks a little bulky because you can fit a ton of stuff in here. I'll let the pictures do the talking :)

And the best part of it all is the things I stuffed into the bag! I know someone would not pack that much makeup with them (unless you were me, lol) but I just wanted to show you guys how much stuff you can put into the bag. Isn't that insane?

After my doctor's appointment, we had a chill day at the one of my favorite beaches on Maui which is Napili Bay. It's 5 minutes away from where I live. I love this beach! So calm & relaxing. I dedicate these pictures to the lovely Jessica. She wishes she was in Maui so atleast she now has an idea of what Maui looks like, in just one spot LOL.

Beautiful, isn't it?!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Please watch!

It's not a very common thing for me to post videos on here, especially when they have nothing to do with me or beauty for that matter. However, this video is an exception. For those of you who haven't seen this yet, please take the time to watch it. I balled my eyes out watching this video. I know this is not beauty related but this is my blog & I can post whatever I want =)

Watching this video just made me appreciate every single thing in life so much more, especially Landon & this pregnancy right now. Who am I to complain about the weight gain or the constant mood swings? Instead I should be blessed because a lot of people out there would kill to have the same opportunity as I do. Cherish life, be thankful & always, always, always be grateful for what you have because you never know when God plans on taking them back.

My heart goes out to this family for their loss. I can't imagine how hard it is for them to overcome something so tragic but I pray for them everyday and I'm happy that they were able to share their story with us. It really has made me realize so many things that I couldn't see before.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Birthday FOTD

Sweet & simple. My birthday party was last night, along with my Sister's of course. Let me tell you that it's sooo boring when you can't drink & get drunk like everyone else at your birthday party LMAO. Don't worry, I got it next year though :) I'll post more pictures when my sister decides to give them to me.


-Hard Candy Primer
-MAC Studio Fix Foundation
-WnW Goddess Bronzer
-MAC Notable Blush
-MAC Blushbaby Blush
-MAC Soft & Gentle MSF

-UD 15 Year Anniversary Palette (Evidence & Deep End)
-MAC Soft Brown e/s
-MAC Carbon e/s
-MAC Ricepaper e/s
-MAC Crystal Avalanche e/s
-Milani Liquif'eyed e/l in Black
-Prestige Liquid Liner
-Maybelline Falsies Mascara
-Bes' Kine Lashes Y-15

-MAC Buerre l/l
-MAC Her Fancy l/s
-MAC Lovechild l/g


Nudy Brown lenses

EOTD: Urban Decay 15 Anniversary Palette

Just an "eye" of the day. Wanted to really test out the UD 15 Anniversary Palette & this is the outcome of it. Hope you guys like.

-UD 15 Year Anniversary Palette (used all colors in the middle column & Vanilla as a highlight)
-Milani Liquif'eyed e/l in Black
-Prestige Liquid Liner
-Maybelline Falsies Mascara

Simple enough :) Don't mind the brows. I'm growing them out.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Nails of the Week

Nail Polishes Used:
Sinful Colors Purple Diamonds
Sinful Colors Fig 1

I adore this purple combo <3 Try it on yourself & let me know how you like it.

Haul: Clothing & Shoes!

Today was sister bonding day so my sister & I decided to go shopping. Our initial plan was to get "birthday" outfits for our party tomorrow & like usual we can never just buy one thing. We always find a way to manipulate eachother into buying whatever. Prices & other info will be listed down below after pictures. I only took pictures of the items I bought for myself. Of course I bought some things for Pat & Landon but didn't include any of the items in the photos.

Ammastar Apparel:
Pat's Item (not pictured)
-White "Straight Outta Hawaii" Shirt $25.00

-Blue & White Tube Top Dress $5.49
(I didn't get this to wear out, I got it to wear around the house lol)
-Black Heels $15.99

Landon's Items (not pictured)
-Fubu Flannel $6.99
-Timberland Sweater $14.99
-Hurley Sweater $14.99
-Ecko Sweater $19.99
-Denim Jeans $14.99

Old Navy:
-Gray Shorts $26.94 (on sale for $10)

Landon's Items (not pictured)
-Regular Denim Jeans $19.50 (on sale for $10)
-Bootcut Denim Jeans $19.50 (on sale for $10)

-Black Airwalk Flip Flops (not pictured) $13.99 (on sale for $6.99)
-Black & Leopard Print Belts $12.99 (on sale for $6.49)
*These were part of their B1G1 half off sale.

*Prices include my 10% Frequent buyer discount.
-Black Skinny Jeans $17.55
-Gray Skinny Jeans $17.55
-Gray & White Cardigan $22.05
-Blue & White Cardigan $22.05
-Boots $20.69
-Watch $14.95
-Maroon Cami $5.85
-Black Cami $5.85

-Heels $24.99 (it was on sale, don't know original price)

And that's pretty much it! We could've shopped more but we were in a rush to get home because we needed to get ready for my cousin's daughter's 1st birthday party. I'm sure there will be a continuation to this. I'm surprised I didn't buy any makeup! *GASPS*

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Pregnancy Update!

I am 14 weeks preggo! Oh how time is going by so quick, I swear. I feel like a whale right now LMAO. That is probably not the best thing to say but it's true. I think my stomach is ginormous, while others still say that I'm still 'small' in the belly area for being almost 4 months pregnant. What do you guys think?

My appetite is insane! I can't stop eating, like seriously. I'm hungry right after I ate a full meal. I really hope I don't gain too much weight. So far I've gained 8 lbs. and I'm hoping that I don't go over that 25-30 lbs. target weight my doctor told me to gain during this pregnancy.

Other than that, pregnancy is going great. I'm a little less fatigue than I was in my first trimester. I am constantly tired though so that's a downfall. I take a bunch of naps throughout the day. Atleast I'm very active =) I find myself hitting the nesting stage quite early in this pregnancy. I am constantly cleaning, doing chores & finding every little thing to do to keep me busy. I still go to work & work just wears me out!! I get a lot of exercise done at work. My work requires me to walk around A LOT so that's good.

And I guess that's about it. If you guys have any questions, let me know =) I'll be doing updates like this atleast once or twice every month :)

Blogger Awards Part 2!

I was awarded a few more blog awards by Miss KatXoXo :) Thank you, doll!

I know there's a bunch of questions that comes along with these awards but I've already answered them before so I don't wanna bore you guys with them again. If you haven't seen them yet, then please go to this post here to read up on it.

I also know that I need to tag 15 beauty bloggers & in all honestly, I'm just gonna tag every single person who is active is the beauty blogging community. Blogging is actually hard work & it takes time to actually get just one post up. All the editing of the pictures, the time it takes to do reviews, the ideas you need to come up with, etc. I believe that every blogger deserves these awards =)

Friday, August 12, 2011

Urban Decay 15 Year Anniversary Palette

My sister got this as a birthday gift for me. I originally was gonna buy it myself because my boyfriend wasn't cooperating with buying me this palette because it was $54. He doesn't understand that it's a good deal hahaha. Plus he just got me MAC eyeshadows so he turned me down on this one. So my sister asked me what I wanted for & all I could think about was this palette & my Canon T3i which obviously she won't buy for me. LOL.

The eyeshadows are pigmented. Urban decay is always on top of that! Midnight Rodeo has chunky glitter particles in it which is probably gonna be a pain in the ass to work with because of the fall out. Too bad it's such a gorgeous color. It reminds me of Urban Decay's Midnight Cowboy Rides Again. Pretty but sloppy.

I also cannot stress how much I hate the packaging. Fingerprints get everywhere! And where's the baby primer potion that they usually include in all their palettes? Other than that, I do like the palette & I cannot wait to use this!

For reference:
-Right now my shade in MAC is NC50
-No primer & used my finger to swatch shadows
-All swatched on my forearm


On August 11th, I officially became a 26 year old. Can you believe I'm a few years away from turning 30? Well for those of you who don't know, my sister & I have the exact same birthdates, only thing is we're 5 years apart. She's out & about right now, enjoying the life of a 21 year old while I'm at home about ready to sleep. I don't mind it one bit though because I did have a great birthday.

The day started with numerous texts & phone notifications from FB from all my family & friends wishing me a happy birthday. Some texted me on the 10th because of the time difference. I never felt so special before :)

My original plan for my bday was to go to dinner. Pat wanted to take me & Landon out to eat at a restaurant of my choice but instead I decided I wanted to stay home and have a home cooked meal instead. Pat's parents are amazing cooks so I had Pat's mom cook the fam some Prime Rib. OMG it was to die for! That's part of the reason why I'm going to bed so early too -- FOOD COMA! Pat's aunty also made this really good dessert which I really don't know the name of. It's an original recipe that she created. It was so yummy. Pat's Brother, sis in law & their kids also got me a birthday cake. I enjoyed every minute of my bday & spending every moment with some of the people that matter to me the most! Next week, it's my family's turn. My mom is throwing my sis & I a birthday party at her house with a keg & a DJ. Hmm, I'll just sit in my chair with a bottle of sparkling cider, I guess. That's it for now. Ciao, till my next post.

Pat totally smashed my cake when he went to put it in the fridge. It still tasted good though =) This was a white cake with fresh strawberries as the filling with fresh buttercream.

Review: Delon+ Premium Cotton Rounds

Product name: Delon+ Premium Cotton Rounds
Purchased at: Costco
Product price: $13.99 for 9x 100 count
Review time: 3 weeks (used twice a day on face)

Product claims: Contains Aloe Vera & Provitamin B5, hypoallergenic, used by cosmeticians, soft, lint free, retains its shape, more absorbent, less shredding, made from the finest selection of premium cotton fibres & dematologist tested.

What product has done for me:
Everything it claims.

Would I re-purchase? Yes!! I know some of you might think it's silly for me to be doing a review on cotton pads LOL. But the fact of the matter is, it's beauty related, well atleast to me. We use them to remove makeup, to apply our toners or just simply to clean & sanitize areas around our vanity. My personal use for them? To apply my toner in the morning & evening and to remove nail polish. I've tried a few brands of cotton rounds, all the way from swisspers to your basic Walmart brand. I have to say that the Delon+ cotton pads are genius! it's so soft on the face & leaves almost no cotton residue. The ones that I've tried in the past had my face hurting because they would either be rough or very scratchy on the skin, especially on the face. It also fell apart quite easily, didn't remove dirt unless I scrubbed & left a bunch of cotton residue on my face. I hope these Delon+ cotton pads will be forever available at my local Costco because I really don't feel like going back. It's also affordable & comes individually packaged in a count of 100. Check this product out if you haven't already! And that flower imprint on the pad is just the cutest thing ever!

Review: High Definition Angled Blush Brush

Product name: High Definition Angled Blush Brush
Purchased at: Walmart
Product price: $5.00
Review time: 3 weeks

Product claims: High-definition is the latest technology in color cosmetics, developed for glamorous, picture-perfect results. This brush, with its tapered cut and quality design, works perfectly to give you that celebrity look every day.

What product has done for me: Apply cheek products effortlessly.

Would I re-purchase? Yes.

I'm a sucker for brushes that are cheap & get the job done. My sister randomly picked this brush up & when I opened the packaged to see what it felt like, it was super soft! I looked at the price & just threw it in the cart. I wanted this brush originally for contouring but I find it to be used better as a blush brush, hence the name lol. It picks up product well but doesn't transfer product onto skin great. It kind of applies the product similiar to a duo fibre brush. Very light in application. Great brush to apply very bright & pigmented blushes.

August Birchbox + First Impressions

1. Blinc Eyeliner 0.21 oz | $24
This Inky formula lays on a seamless line of color that stays put through rain, tears, sweat, anything else you throw its way.

2. Carol's Daughter Monoi Repairing Hair Mask 7 oz | $29
A creamy treatment that revives dull or dry strands with natural monoi oil, and leaves hair smelling like tropical flowers.

3. Pangea Organics Cleanser for Combination to Oily Skin 4 fl oz | $28
Made from all natural ingredients, this foaming wash purifies pores and keeps oil levels in check without drying out skin.

4. Wei Tibetan Chrysanthemum Correcting Eye Treatment Pads 10 pairs | $60
Save the cucumbers for your salad. These clever pads quickly de-puff and brighten the under eye area using natural flower and plant extracts.

5. Extra twistband Hair Tie Set of 3 | $5
This soft elastic gives the hair tie a sophisticated makeover -- it looks as good on your wrist as it does in your hair.

To be honest, I haven't really tried any of the products out so I can't really say anything about them. I am currently using the hair tie for the first time & I must say that it feels flimsy & looks a bit generic to me. It looks like they took a piece of fabric & just tied it together. I would not spend $5 on these hair ties. They look cheap.

I really wanted to try out the Blinc eyeliner but I have a few liquid liners open at the moment so I'll use those up first before I open another one. I will try out the eye treatment pads tonight though & I'll report back.

It seems like I didn't care about this month's Birchbox because once I opened it, I just threw it on my bed & left it there LMAO. I didn't even go through what was in the box. I guess because there were no makeup or nail polish products, I was just 'whatever' about it. Let's hope next month has some good stuff =)

Nails of the Week

Decided to paint my nails again only because it was my Birthday. I still have to change my toenail polish because I have Zoya's Pandora on there & its obvious that my toes & fingers don't match LOL.

Again, I featured Sinful Colors. I don't know why I chose green but after I painted my nails, I realized that green is my birthstone color. Perfect! I hope you guys like this. Like I said before & I'll say it again, I am not the best at applying nail polish. I tried to do gradient like nails & if it doesn't look like it to you, then oh well. Atleast I tried =)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

100 Blog Followers Giveaway WINNERS!

I am pleased to finally announce the two lucky ladies who won my giveaway. Please Congratulate them!! Congratulations Katrina & Cielo!!! For those of you who didn't win, please do not get discouraged. I encourage you all to keep entering my future giveaways. I have another giveaway coming soon. It's a giveaway for a travel size E25 blending brush. If you want in, stay tuned for more :) Also, for every 100 followers I get, I'll do a giveaway. The next goal is to get 300 followers. Let's go yall!

Friday, August 5, 2011

FOTD: Jealousy Wakes meets Hocus Pocus

I'm really trying to make it a habit to use the makeup that I buy instead of just throwing them in a drawer somewhere once I bring them home. Since I received my MAC eyeshadows in the mail yesterday, I decided to use them today since we were going out to dinner with the fam. We went to dinner at Kobe's Steakhouse with Pat's fam. It was an early dinner celebration for my birthday as well as Pat's sister in law. Don't mind the hair! I honestly was rushed to get ready & had no time to do anything to my hair. That is what my natural hair looks like. I didn't brush it either hahaha. It's naturally wavy & all over the place >_< and as always, picture overload ;P


-Hard Candy Primer
-MAC Studio Fix Foundation
-WnW Goddess Bronzer
-MAC Notable Blush
-MAC Soft & Gentle MSF

-MAC Jealousy Wakes e/s
-MAC Hocus Pocus e/s
-Milani Liquif'eyed e/l in Black
-Prestige Liquid Liner
-Maybelline Falsies Mascara
-Miss Adoro False Lashes #15

-EOS lipbalm
-MAC Buerre l/l
-MAC Rimmel Spotlight Beige
-MAC Phiff! Dazzleglass

With all the makeup that I have, I don't know why I tend to use the same things over & over. Btw, I stand by my Bes' Kine Lashes. I hate these Miss Adoro ones. I'm just using them until they're no longer able to use anymore. Don't wanna waste money right? Hahaha. This look reminds me so much of my let's go green & proud mommy FOTD all in one.