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Friday, August 12, 2011

August Birchbox + First Impressions

1. Blinc Eyeliner 0.21 oz | $24
This Inky formula lays on a seamless line of color that stays put through rain, tears, sweat, anything else you throw its way.

2. Carol's Daughter Monoi Repairing Hair Mask 7 oz | $29
A creamy treatment that revives dull or dry strands with natural monoi oil, and leaves hair smelling like tropical flowers.

3. Pangea Organics Cleanser for Combination to Oily Skin 4 fl oz | $28
Made from all natural ingredients, this foaming wash purifies pores and keeps oil levels in check without drying out skin.

4. Wei Tibetan Chrysanthemum Correcting Eye Treatment Pads 10 pairs | $60
Save the cucumbers for your salad. These clever pads quickly de-puff and brighten the under eye area using natural flower and plant extracts.

5. Extra twistband Hair Tie Set of 3 | $5
This soft elastic gives the hair tie a sophisticated makeover -- it looks as good on your wrist as it does in your hair.

To be honest, I haven't really tried any of the products out so I can't really say anything about them. I am currently using the hair tie for the first time & I must say that it feels flimsy & looks a bit generic to me. It looks like they took a piece of fabric & just tied it together. I would not spend $5 on these hair ties. They look cheap.

I really wanted to try out the Blinc eyeliner but I have a few liquid liners open at the moment so I'll use those up first before I open another one. I will try out the eye treatment pads tonight though & I'll report back.

It seems like I didn't care about this month's Birchbox because once I opened it, I just threw it on my bed & left it there LMAO. I didn't even go through what was in the box. I guess because there were no makeup or nail polish products, I was just 'whatever' about it. Let's hope next month has some good stuff =)

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Meredith Jessica said...

This seems to be the resounding sentiment from most bloggers I've read reviewing their August birchboxes. Lameeee.