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Friday, August 12, 2011


On August 11th, I officially became a 26 year old. Can you believe I'm a few years away from turning 30? Well for those of you who don't know, my sister & I have the exact same birthdates, only thing is we're 5 years apart. She's out & about right now, enjoying the life of a 21 year old while I'm at home about ready to sleep. I don't mind it one bit though because I did have a great birthday.

The day started with numerous texts & phone notifications from FB from all my family & friends wishing me a happy birthday. Some texted me on the 10th because of the time difference. I never felt so special before :)

My original plan for my bday was to go to dinner. Pat wanted to take me & Landon out to eat at a restaurant of my choice but instead I decided I wanted to stay home and have a home cooked meal instead. Pat's parents are amazing cooks so I had Pat's mom cook the fam some Prime Rib. OMG it was to die for! That's part of the reason why I'm going to bed so early too -- FOOD COMA! Pat's aunty also made this really good dessert which I really don't know the name of. It's an original recipe that she created. It was so yummy. Pat's Brother, sis in law & their kids also got me a birthday cake. I enjoyed every minute of my bday & spending every moment with some of the people that matter to me the most! Next week, it's my family's turn. My mom is throwing my sis & I a birthday party at her house with a keg & a DJ. Hmm, I'll just sit in my chair with a bottle of sparkling cider, I guess. That's it for now. Ciao, till my next post.

Pat totally smashed my cake when he went to put it in the fridge. It still tasted good though =) This was a white cake with fresh strawberries as the filling with fresh buttercream.


Meredith Jessica said...

Happy Birthday doll, you still look like you're 22, I never would have guessed 26.

Glad you had an excellent meal, I'm of the age now where that's all I want too, lol. Fancy wine and cheese and I'm a happy girl!

BeautyBehaved said...

awww Happy Birthday!
& thats such a cute cake

<3 BB