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Friday, August 5, 2011

FOTD: Jealousy Wakes meets Hocus Pocus

I'm really trying to make it a habit to use the makeup that I buy instead of just throwing them in a drawer somewhere once I bring them home. Since I received my MAC eyeshadows in the mail yesterday, I decided to use them today since we were going out to dinner with the fam. We went to dinner at Kobe's Steakhouse with Pat's fam. It was an early dinner celebration for my birthday as well as Pat's sister in law. Don't mind the hair! I honestly was rushed to get ready & had no time to do anything to my hair. That is what my natural hair looks like. I didn't brush it either hahaha. It's naturally wavy & all over the place >_< and as always, picture overload ;P


-Hard Candy Primer
-MAC Studio Fix Foundation
-WnW Goddess Bronzer
-MAC Notable Blush
-MAC Soft & Gentle MSF

-MAC Jealousy Wakes e/s
-MAC Hocus Pocus e/s
-Milani Liquif'eyed e/l in Black
-Prestige Liquid Liner
-Maybelline Falsies Mascara
-Miss Adoro False Lashes #15

-EOS lipbalm
-MAC Buerre l/l
-MAC Rimmel Spotlight Beige
-MAC Phiff! Dazzleglass

With all the makeup that I have, I don't know why I tend to use the same things over & over. Btw, I stand by my Bes' Kine Lashes. I hate these Miss Adoro ones. I'm just using them until they're no longer able to use anymore. Don't wanna waste money right? Hahaha. This look reminds me so much of my let's go green & proud mommy FOTD all in one.


Meredith Jessica said...

I'm the same way, I have over 600 eyeshadows and if you look at my palettes, it's only like 12 of them that show any serious signs of use. I have a problem.

I stand by those Bes' Kine lashes too, the ones I won in your giveaway are my go to daytime falsies. They are just perfect, I wish I could buy more!


I love love love this look, esp. with that teal! You're so gorgeous <3 and Happy early Birthday love ;]

charlene-ann said...

mama you look so pretty as always :)

D.Sadie said...

You always look so great! Beautiful. =)