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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Haul: Clothing & Shoes!

Today was sister bonding day so my sister & I decided to go shopping. Our initial plan was to get "birthday" outfits for our party tomorrow & like usual we can never just buy one thing. We always find a way to manipulate eachother into buying whatever. Prices & other info will be listed down below after pictures. I only took pictures of the items I bought for myself. Of course I bought some things for Pat & Landon but didn't include any of the items in the photos.

Ammastar Apparel:
Pat's Item (not pictured)
-White "Straight Outta Hawaii" Shirt $25.00

-Blue & White Tube Top Dress $5.49
(I didn't get this to wear out, I got it to wear around the house lol)
-Black Heels $15.99

Landon's Items (not pictured)
-Fubu Flannel $6.99
-Timberland Sweater $14.99
-Hurley Sweater $14.99
-Ecko Sweater $19.99
-Denim Jeans $14.99

Old Navy:
-Gray Shorts $26.94 (on sale for $10)

Landon's Items (not pictured)
-Regular Denim Jeans $19.50 (on sale for $10)
-Bootcut Denim Jeans $19.50 (on sale for $10)

-Black Airwalk Flip Flops (not pictured) $13.99 (on sale for $6.99)
-Black & Leopard Print Belts $12.99 (on sale for $6.49)
*These were part of their B1G1 half off sale.

*Prices include my 10% Frequent buyer discount.
-Black Skinny Jeans $17.55
-Gray Skinny Jeans $17.55
-Gray & White Cardigan $22.05
-Blue & White Cardigan $22.05
-Boots $20.69
-Watch $14.95
-Maroon Cami $5.85
-Black Cami $5.85

-Heels $24.99 (it was on sale, don't know original price)

And that's pretty much it! We could've shopped more but we were in a rush to get home because we needed to get ready for my cousin's daughter's 1st birthday party. I'm sure there will be a continuation to this. I'm surprised I didn't buy any makeup! *GASPS*



I love those shoes you got, especially the ones from macys! Did they have it in a different color?

D.Sadie said...

I love the first pair of heels!

Lisa said...

Kristel - I didn't see any other colors. You can try check though. I know that 7.5 is the smallest size that they have. I thought it was gonna be too big for my feet since bootie type of shoes run big on me but it actually fit. Go check it out before they're gone.

Dina - Thanks darlin =)

BeautyBehaved said...

nice haul girl!!!!!
love your choices heree

<3 BB

xoladiihoneyxo said...

girl, you got a nice haul here and for the prices you paid are not bad at all so its okay to spoil yourself even though you was suppose to focus on one outfit look. lol. You deserve it! Just say its a little award for working out so hard... I do hope you're still on it :0

Miss L said...

Black heels from Ross and Wetseal watch look just so so great!