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Friday, August 12, 2011

Review: Delon+ Premium Cotton Rounds

Product name: Delon+ Premium Cotton Rounds
Purchased at: Costco
Product price: $13.99 for 9x 100 count
Review time: 3 weeks (used twice a day on face)

Product claims: Contains Aloe Vera & Provitamin B5, hypoallergenic, used by cosmeticians, soft, lint free, retains its shape, more absorbent, less shredding, made from the finest selection of premium cotton fibres & dematologist tested.

What product has done for me:
Everything it claims.

Would I re-purchase? Yes!! I know some of you might think it's silly for me to be doing a review on cotton pads LOL. But the fact of the matter is, it's beauty related, well atleast to me. We use them to remove makeup, to apply our toners or just simply to clean & sanitize areas around our vanity. My personal use for them? To apply my toner in the morning & evening and to remove nail polish. I've tried a few brands of cotton rounds, all the way from swisspers to your basic Walmart brand. I have to say that the Delon+ cotton pads are genius! it's so soft on the face & leaves almost no cotton residue. The ones that I've tried in the past had my face hurting because they would either be rough or very scratchy on the skin, especially on the face. It also fell apart quite easily, didn't remove dirt unless I scrubbed & left a bunch of cotton residue on my face. I hope these Delon+ cotton pads will be forever available at my local Costco because I really don't feel like going back. It's also affordable & comes individually packaged in a count of 100. Check this product out if you haven't already! And that flower imprint on the pad is just the cutest thing ever!


xoladiihoneyxo said...

ohhh! It got a flower design on it too ;] Pretty. teehee. Just a little detail that makes me interest in it. For me, I've never had a problem with any cotton pads. I never use toners... actually, as a matter of fact, I suck at skincare routines but luckily I don't really need it... or maybe I'm just too lazy.

Anyways, for me, I like to use cotton pads to either remove my waterproof mascaras if I do wear it for just everyday with the clinique makeup remover(if I'm not lazy that day or in a big rush... lol) OR remove my nail polishes, which I do a lot of the time. I don't like cottons, I prefer cotton pads. When I touch cottons without gloves, it just makes me feel weird unless someone is removing my nail polish for me then it doesn't really matter. Maybe the sensitivities in my fingers? lol. Anyways, glad you got a review on this one ;]

Marla said...

i just saw these and was contemplating on purchasing them, thanks for this review :)