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Friday, August 12, 2011

Review: High Definition Angled Blush Brush

Product name: High Definition Angled Blush Brush
Purchased at: Walmart
Product price: $5.00
Review time: 3 weeks

Product claims: High-definition is the latest technology in color cosmetics, developed for glamorous, picture-perfect results. This brush, with its tapered cut and quality design, works perfectly to give you that celebrity look every day.

What product has done for me: Apply cheek products effortlessly.

Would I re-purchase? Yes.

I'm a sucker for brushes that are cheap & get the job done. My sister randomly picked this brush up & when I opened the packaged to see what it felt like, it was super soft! I looked at the price & just threw it in the cart. I wanted this brush originally for contouring but I find it to be used better as a blush brush, hence the name lol. It picks up product well but doesn't transfer product onto skin great. It kind of applies the product similiar to a duo fibre brush. Very light in application. Great brush to apply very bright & pigmented blushes.

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