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Saturday, September 10, 2011

300 Blogger GIVEAWAY!

Have you entered my giveaway? If not, click HERE to enter today! Giveaway ends on September, 18, 2011. This is your chance to win MAC, Sigma, Elf, Wet n' Wild, Sally Hansen & more!!!

If any of you remember, I announced in one of my previous blog posts that everytime I hit a new set of 100 blog followers, I'll do a giveaway (ex: when I reach 300, 400, etc.) I can't believe I'm almost at the 300 mark. That might not be a lot compared to most of the bloggers I know but for me, I am more than honored :) So of course, I want to give back to you guys once again, only this time around I want your opinions. Try to be specific so I have an idea when I'm out shopping for the products. I will try my best to throw in a mixture of everything that you guys mention.

So what prizes are you guys interested in winning? Makeup? If so, what kind of makeup? Lipsticks? shadows? lipgloss? face products? How about brushes? What kind? Maybe nail polish? How about other things like accessories? Jewelry? scarves? sunglasses? IDK. You tell me. Keep in mind that I do live in Hawaii so we're limited but feel free to list whatever YOU would be interested in winning & I'll try my best to see what I can get.

Leave all your comments, suggestions, ideas or whatever else you want me to read right down below!

Also, for all you tweeters, how about a mini twitter giveaway for my twitter followers? I want all your suggestions so don't be shy to say whatever you want :) GO!


MakeUpByNessa said...

Im shocked that you haven't reached 300 followers..Your blog is awesome!! And about your giveaways...I think how you have your giveaway now with a little bit of everything was a great idea. :)

jenwoonani said...

Oo! I'll be sure to enter this when I get home! :) Congrats on 300 followers, love!