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Sunday, September 4, 2011


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I love Fridays! It has always been my "leave me the hell alone because I'm going shopping" kinda day.

So first things first, Pat's mom has asked if I had any old makeup that I was interested in sending to the Philippines. Whenever it comes to the Philippines, I try my best to donate as much clothes, shoes & whatever else I don't use anymore because I know that they're not as fortunate as we are. Right now my makeup collection is pretty much cleaned out. I gave everything I didn't want to my Sister. So I told Pat's mom that I'd just buy new things for her to send off. I had drugstore products in mind :) Super duper affordable & good quality. I wish I was rich enough to spend tens & thousands of dollars on highend products just for them.

So our first stop was Kmart because I wanted to see if there was anything left on the Elf shelf. They had some brushes & even the eye primer! Total steal. I bought all the primers & brushes on the shelf HAHAHAHA.

Of all the things that I bought, I kept those items pictured below for myself. I wanted to try out the primer because I've heard good reviews on it. The rest of the products are being donated to the Philippines & some are going out to whoever wins my current giveaway. The WnW palettes are from Walmart. I don't know what it's doing in the picture LMAO.

Picture above are the swatches of the Jordana blushes that I picked up. To the left is Terracotta which is so gorgeous in person & the to the right we have Tawny Beige. Beige? Really? It's PINK! These blushes are kinda growing on me. I used Redwood (a Jordana blush I picked up the other day) today which is so flattering on my dark skintone. I will do a review soon :)

We then hit up the mall. I love how fall is right around the corner. Here comes all the boots & jackets AGAIN. Not that we need them in Hawaii but I love the trend :) My favorite article of clothing, no matter what time of year are blazers. They make almost any outfit look good. I got these 2 blazers. I like when blazers are a little long on me so I always get them one or two sizes up.

I've been on the hunt for a salmon colored blazer for a while now & I finally got my hands on one! I love how the camera just washes everything out LOL. And that red blazer is to die for! Can't forget about the detailing on the sleeve -- LOVE! They were originally $27.80 each but I got them for $21 each. What a steal.

Then of course MAC was calling my name. Been wanting a few lipsticks from the MAC Me Over Collection. As I was cleaning the other day, I found my Back 2 Mac stash. I was able to get 4 lipsticks for free. So bummed that Prince Noir lipstick was missing :( I wanted that one the most. She didn't charge me for it so I need to go back to get one. I hope they're not sold out by then. What's with the lipstick craze? The hell if I know but it is that time of the year again where I'm on a lipstick kick.

Swatches from top to bottom:
Lush Amber, Viva Glam II, Angel, Peachstock & Illicit Lipglass

I also got my Mom some things & I'm a bit but hurt that she recieved her Prince Noir lipstick :(

Then off to Wetseal we went. Nothing cute or nothing I haven't seen since the last time I've been there. However, my feet was killing me! I forgot to bring a pair of flats with me so I could change out of my heels after my demo interview. I was practically wearing heels from 1pm - 7pm. Torture! So I got me these pair of cute ballerina flats. They hurt! But maybe because they're not broken in yet.

Finally our last stop was Walmart. Wanted to take the kiddies to get some toys since they were patient while we shopped. My budget for walmart was $40 & somehow I ended up spendin $70! WTF. I bought some WnW stuff to giveaway & some things Landon wanted. Oh well, money comes & goes and seeing a smile on Landon & my niece's face is priceless.

That was exhausting!! I really should call it a night. Thanks for reading.


charlene-ann said...

ELF galore!! aahhh I totally regret not picking up more of the e/s primers when I was in the states. I love that its cheap and it works. I totally feel the same about donating things to the philippines, I try to go through my things and see what I can give. Definitely sweet of you to send some makeup back home, I'm sure they will have fun with it :)


ewwww you suck! ;P I was thinking of going to K-mart to day, and you took all the elf stock! haha just keedings...i hope there stuff left though.

Lisa said...

Charlene - I just went through my closet & donated 95% of my belts as well. It always nice to do something for them because I know they'll appreciate every little bit of it.

Kristel - My bad LOL. Everytime I go & they stock up, I buy everything that I want & then decide what I'm gonna do with it when I get home LOL. I usually just store them somewhere & save them for giveaways. Considering that I live so far & don't have access to Kmart all the time, I have to buy by the bulk haha.

D.Sadie (D.G.S.Beauty) said...

I didn't know kmart has ELF too! Haha. But that's so sweet of you to send them makeup! Makes me want to do the same now. But I love your haul esp the MAC lippies. <333

BeautyBehaved said...

great haul!
thats awsome that your giving back(:
ahh i want a blazer so bad imma hit up F21 this week haa, thanks for the haul!

<3 BB