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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A New Addition to the Family

World, meet Belle :) We got her this past Sunday. She's a blue nose pitbull & the most sweetest dog ever. She loves to cuddle & she's so smart. I managed to teach her how to sit, shake hands, give five & lie down on command within a matter of 3 days. I'm so proud of her accomplishments. She's 9 weeks old & I know that she looks huge in photos but in person she's actually not that big YET.

Pat's parents are a little skeptical about having a pit around because they are not a fan of big dogs. We're hoping that they'll change their minds & see how sweet pitbulls can be if they are taken care of properly & shown affection. I've had pitbulls when I was younger & they can be really sweet & loving dogs if you do take care of them & treat them right. It would break my heart if we had to give her away because Pat's parents refuse to have her around :( *crossing fingers* for the best.

We've been taking her on walks, atleast twice a day so she gets used to being around people. I also painted her nails! LOL. Everyone loves it! One thing is that she's a super lazy dog. She hates being on her leash & she won't walk unless we take her leash off haha. She's so silly & we are totally in love with her.

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