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Sunday, September 4, 2011

UDPP Depot

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Just thought I'd share my results on depotting my UDPP. This isn't the first time that I've done this but it never seizes to amaze me at how much product is left in that 'genie bottle' looking packaging. I did tweet pic this but incase you missed it, here you go.

Isn't that insane?!!! Thank you Urban Decay for changing the packaging :) Pat was also surprised at how much product was left in there. At first he thought I was crazy for telling him to cut the bottle open LMAO. Then his response after he saw me scooping everything out was "Babe, why did they make it like that?" HAHAHA.



lol yeah I know I was pretty amazed when I depotted my first one. I still have my second one, but I'm too lazy to cut it up cuz that thing is fricken hard! I'm scared I'm gonna chop my fingers off instead. And another thing was that it dried out fast when I put it in a little container. But once I found out UD had those tube ones, I got myself one and it's huge!

BeautyBehaved said...

ohhh geez thats insane!

<3 BB

Kumiko Mae said...

i do this with some creams!

Red lips, Black hair said...

Holy wow that's a lot of product!! Wish I had done this when I thought I was out of UDPP.>_<