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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Boyfriend's REVIEW: Freeman Facial Exfoliating Scrub

So the boyfriend cooperated with doing a review for a face product. I tried the dead sea mineral mask & I'll be posting my review on it soon. He tried something different. He tried out this facial scrub. Let me tell you that this guy loves exfoliating ever since I've introduced it to him. So much so that I'm actually gonna buy him a Clarisonic! How many of you or your boyfriends use the Clarisonic?

What does it feel like?
It feels like you're putting butter on my face.

Is there a cooling sensation?

Does the product sting your skin?

Do your eyes burn?
*starts screaming & acts like eyes are burning* then he laughs & says no.

Do the beads feel rough on your skin?
No. It feels like suntan lotion. (???)

How does it smell? Do you like the smell?
Babe, I'm sick. I can't smell.
*For the record, it smelled wonderful! It had that nice grapefruit smell that most grapefruit products have*

So how does your face feel now that you've washed the product off?
It feels smooth.

Would you use this product in the future?
Yeah, as long as you put it on for me.

Do you think it was worth the price?
It was only $1!

That's not the question! Was it worth $1.37?
Yes Babe, it was.

Do you recommend this product to my blog readers?
Yes it's good for a cheap product but I like the Lush one better.
*I died laughing in my head at this point. Now who says that guys don't like girl products? He knows the brand & everything of his favorite exfoliator <3* What do you like about exfoliating?
The thought of it taking out the dead skin. My skin feels fresh after.

LOL, so there you have it. A simple review from a man's point of view. I hope you guys enjoyed this!


penelope_amor said...

HAHAHA! Awww! That's so cute! ... sounds like a nice product, I need to exfoliate more!

[jenwoonani] said...

Omg, this is so cute that he did that! Aww.. I literally laughed out loud when I read the last couple lines.. LOL "..I like the Lush one better".

P.S Hope you're feeling better, babe. <3 *hugsss*

MsRinz said...

oh man this is one of the best scrubs ive used! seriously a dollar could scrub clean my face!!

LJ said...

lmao! so funny ur bf! omgoodness, it's been a long time! how are u? :)