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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Pregnancy Update: 32 weeks

It has been sooo long since I've posted one of these pregnancy updates. Nothing new to be honest. I've been eating like crazy! I can't even do portion control. And when I crave something, I need to have it. With all those bad habits I packed on 21 pounds so far. Lately my cravings have been milk & cookies. I don't even care for milk & cookies and it's crazy how I have to have it. I also fell in love with beef curry. I HATE CURRY! Apparently now I looooove it. I've also lost some of my memory. I tend to forget things so easily & it frustrates me at times. I find myself writing notes or texting myself things just so I don't forget.

Jadelyn has been so active lately & I really love that. Whenever I try to show off her movements to anyone, she stops moving haha. But she has been letting Pat feel her kicks & he always gets a kick out of that. He told me the other night while I was asleep & my stomach was against his back, Jadelyn was kicking him so he couldn't go to bed HAHAHA. I thought that was cute.

Everyone is just excited for her arrival. My sister has already started her shoe collection haha. My sister bought her 3 pairs of shoes already. Talk about spoiled! I can't believe I have only 54 days left to go! Doesn't it feel like I just announced the "we're expecting" news?

So wanna see how much my belly has grown? I happen to think I'm HUGE while everyone tells me that I'm still tiny. What do you guys think?


Jen said...

I didn't know you were preggers! :O (perils of being a new follower) but you look tiny! I've seen people bigger than this before their 32 weeks~~ your sister is so sweet! ^^

cutesyhygiene said...

still tiny lol i was so big with my last one with her iwas 131 and after i was 156 =/

gillybeancandyjar said...

aww 21 pounds isn't too bad with how far along you are right? looks like a lovely bump :) Baby soon! Exciting :D

Nikkay said...

Aww so cute!! My daughter is six months now makes me miss being pregnant! I'll be a new follower to your blog as soon as i get onto my pc