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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Pregnancy HOME STRETCH!!!

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I'm nearly 37 weeks into my pregnancy. Time sure flew by with this one. I'm in my 3rd trimester (obviously, LOL) & I swear it's been HELL! I don't remember feeling this way when I was pregnant with Landon. All I complain about is pain, pain & PAIN. I can never find a comfortable sleeping position. My legs cramp up when I'm in bed. I can't even walk at times because all this excess weight just puts so much pressure on my body. My back is constantly hurting. BACKACHES freckin' suck! Why must the ending of pregnancy be so hard? And damn, this is just the beginning! The labor will be a million times worst. I cannot believe that men weren't blessed with the privelage of carrying a baby for 9 months. Wouldn't it be nice if us women could just participate in the fun parts like the baby making process & have the men go through pregnancy & labor? Haha. That would be the day! I can't believe all the hardship we women have to go through. *SMH*

I've been having dreams of Jadelyn lately. Is it probably I'm totally over being pregnant & just can't wait to finally meet her? My dream last night was me being so over protective over her & not wanting to put her down. All I did was carry her. I totally look forward to having that baby scent just lingering in our bedroom. I love the smell of babies!

I did take maternity photos. I'm just waiting on them to be edited. Again, Pat's sister in law, Mariah, shot all our photos. I can't wait to see how the pictures turned out. I'll be sure to post them up as soon as I get them. In case you folks didn't see it on Twitter, I tweeted a sneak peek of our photo shoot :) Here you go if you haven't seen it yet.

I adore this picture. However, I don't adore the weight gain hahaha. Look at my arms! UGH! It's okay though. I'm sure that'll go away once I start working out again so I'm not that concerned. And although I love my dress, I had to idea how ginormous it made me look! Yay for loose, flowy maxi dresses (o_O) The story of a pregnant lady *sigh*

I have 23 days left! I can't believe it. That's a little over 3 weeks!! Holy cow. My baby shower is on Saturday so I hope Jadelyn won't make an appearance before then. I really need to figure out how we're going to fit all her stuff into our bedroom. It's so crowded in here. How I wish we had a place of our own. Since I'm not working today I'm thinking of moving things around so I can find places to put her things. I already stole one of Landon's drawers to fit some of the things she's received from friends & family as well as some things I bought for her. Landon is totally not cool with that haha.

I'm hoping the next 3 weeks will fly by. I cannot wait to be un-pregnant. I'm hanging in there though :D I will talk to you all in my next post!


Che said...

Aww Lisa! Cant wait to we pics of the new baby. I think the photo of the hubs is super sweet. I can't imagine the pain your going brought but well wishes coming our way :)

D.Sadie (D.G.S.Beauty) said...

omg yay!! I can't wait to see her! Third trimers are always tough but you're almost there mama! =)

Phoebe Limanta said...

Babe you are looking beautiful! I can't wait to see the beautiful bub! :) Nearly there!! :D

Miss Holly said...

This picture is gorgeous hun!
I'd love to do something like this one day..

Can't wait to see pics of the beautiful baby!


The Michelle Show said...

I'm only a few days behind you and yes while I am SO FREAKING OVER being pregnant - I'm nervous! I am having all the am I ready? Do I have everything? OMGBJADCBAKEFBA moments daily.

Wifezilla Hekela said...

Awww You look Fabbulous!!

Elba said...

Hang in there! You look absolutely amazing in that picture! Very beautiful!

Lisa said...

Thank you, loves <3

Jen said...

Congrats! :D only a few more days to go & sh'll be here! wooooop ^^ good luck with the labour pains =/ sounds brutal.. and kinda scary hahahaha *runs away* The pic is gorgeous! i love these kinda shots ^^ so sweet and homely~~

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