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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

My Jay Boo

It's weird how I developed the nickname "Jay" for Jadelyn.  Everyone calls her "Jade" for short but apparently that's not short enough for me hahaha.  I find myself calling her "Jay" all the time.  Oh well, I'm Mommy! I can call her whatever I want LOL.

Well this precious little human being just turned 4 months old today! Holy cow!!! I still remember like it was just yesterday when I wished I could hear her baby talk or when I'd see her accomplish new things and now, she's doing all that and more! This girl will talk to you, of course in baby language & I swear it's the cutest thing ever! Just a few weeks ago, she learned how to finally roll over after weeks of trying.  Now she's rolling all over the place like a pro! I can't believe it! She's outgrown so much of her clothes & it's sad that she didn't even get to wear majority of them.  She's such a chunky little girl.  She's only going to get chunkier as we introduce her to baby food this month.  Can you believe that in 8 months she'll already be a year old??? My Jay Boo is growing way too fast for me :(

Happy 4 months baby girl! One day we'll look back on this blog & read this post together.  You will always be my baby girl no matter how old you are.  I love you, sweetheart!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I'm baaaaack! FOTD/MOTD to kick it off :)

Hi guys! I know it's been such a long time! I've been sick for the past few days & now that I'm feeling a little better, I thought that I'd just update my blog with a quick post.  I know how some of you like the FOTD/MOTD posts & I've accumulated a few which I always forget to post.  If you follow me on Instagram (lisaleeselisa) then some of these may look familiar to you.  Some of these date as far back as April haha.  But I hope you guys enjoy this little post :) Of course, I don't remember half of the products I've used.  I have been working on a few posts so I'm hoping I'll be able to post them this week! Until then, leave me comments below! I love hearing from all of you.  You guys can also keep in touch with me on twitter (lisaleeselisa) & Instagram (lisaleeselisa).  Talk to you guys later :) Oh, and if you're wondering why some of the color schemes are the same it's because that's what we had to use to work.